1976 Topps (EX Condition) Rookies 11 card subset (D)

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1976 Topps (EX Condition) Rookies 11 card subset (D)

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1976 Topps - Pics are the cards you will receive. Rest of the cards are in similiar condition - Rookies 11 card subset
589 Rookie Pitchers Santo Alcala Reds, Mike Flanagan Orioles, Joe Pactwa Angels & Pablo Torrealba Braves
590 Rookie Outfielders Henry Crux Dodgers, Chet Lemon White Sox, Ellis Valetine Expos & Terry Whitfield Yankees
591 Rookie Pitchers Steve Grilli Tigers, Craig Mitchell A's, Jose Sosa Astros & George Throop Royals
592 Rookie Infielders Willie Randolph pirates, Dave McKay Twins, jerry Royster Braves & Roy Staiger Mets
593 Rookie Pitchers Larry Anderson Brewers, Ken Crosby Cubs, Mark Little Royals, Butch Metzger Padres
594 Rookie Catchers & Outfielders Andy Merchant Red Sox, Ed Ott pirates, Royle Stillman Orioles & Jerry White Expos
595 Rookie Pitchers Art DeFilippis Rangers, Randy Lerch Phillies, Sid Monge Angels & Steve Barr Rangers
596 Rookie Infielders Craig Reynolds Pirates, Lamar Johnson White Sox, Johnnie LeMaster Giants & Jerry Manuel Tigers
597 Rookie Pitchers Don Aase Red Sox, Jack Kucek White Sox, Frank LaCorte Braves & Mike pazik Twins
598 Rookie Outfielders Hector Cruz Cardinals, Jamie Quirk Royals, Jerry Turner Padres & Joe Wallis Cubs
599 Rookie Pitchers Ron Guidry Yankees, Rob Dressler Giants, Bob McClure Royals & Pat Zachry Reds

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