2007 Justifiable

  50 card set.

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 2007 Justifiable - ANAHEIM ANGELS Team set

  JF-13 Nick Green

  JF-42 Rich Thompson

  JF-45 Jordan Walden


 2007 Justifiable - HOUSTON ASTROS Team set

  JF-43 Jimmy Van Ostrand


 2007 Justifiable - OAKLAND A's Team set


 2007 Justifiable - TORONTO BLUE JAYS Team Set

  JF-01 Kevin Ahrens

  JF-05 J.P. Arencibia


 2007 Justifiable - ATLANTA BRAVES Team Set

  JF-16 Jason Heyward

  JF-22 Brent Lillibridge


 2007 Justifiable - MILWAUKEE BREWERS Team Set

  JF-10 Alcides Escobar

  JF-14 Steve Hammond


 2007 Justifiable - ST LOUIS CARDINALS Team Set

  JF-04 Bryan Anderson


 2007 Justifiable - CHICAGO CUBS Team Set

  JF-39 Chris Shaver

  JF-44 Josh Vitters


 2007 Justifiable - ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS Team Set

  JF-03 Hector Ambriz

  JF-15 Cyle Hankerd

  JF-32 Jarrod Parker


 2007 Justifiable - LOS ANGELES DODGERS Team Set


 2007 Justifiable - SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS Team Set

  JF-02 Tim Alderson

  JF-40 Henry Sosa


 2007 Justifiable - CLEVELAND INDIANS Team Set

  JF-07 Jordan Brown

  JF-20 Aaron Laffey

  JF-26 Beau Mills


 2007 Justifiable - SEATTLE MARINERS Team Set

  JF-27 Adam Moore

  JF-36 Michael Saunders


 2007 Justifiable - FLORIDA MARLINS Team Set

  JF-35 John Raynor


 2007 Justifiable - NEW YORK METS Team Set

  JF-30 Kevin Mulvey


 2007 Justifiable - WASHINGTON NATIONALS Team set

  JF-09 Ross Detwiler

  JF-17 Stephen King

  JF-50 Zech Zinicola


 2007 Justifiable - BALTIMORE ORIOLES Team Set

  JF-49 Matt Wieters


 2007 Justifiable - SAN DIEGO PADRES Team Set

  JF-19 Kellen Kulbacki

  JF-21 Matt Latos

  JF-38 Nick Schmidt


 2007 Justifiable - PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES Team Set

  JF-37 Joe Savery


 2007 Justifiable - PITTSBURGH PIRATES Team Set

  JF-28 Daniel Moskos

  JF-33 Steve Pearce


 2007 Justifiable - TEXAS RANGERS Team Set

  JF-06 Blake Beavan


 2007 Justifiable - TAMPA BAY RAYS Team Set

  JF-34 David Price


 2007 Justifiable - BOSTON RED SOX Team Set

  JF-08 Chih-Hsien Chiang

  JF-23 Che-Hsuan Lin

  JF-24 Justin Masterson

  JF-31 Yamaico Navarro

  JF-41 Oscar Tejeda

  JF-48 Tyler Weeden


 2007 Justifiable - CINCINNATI REDS Team Set

  JF-11 Juan Francisco

  JF-46 Sean Watson


 2007 Justifiable - COLORADO ROCKIES Team Set

  JF-12 Hector Gomez

  JF-47 Casey Weathers


 2007 Justifiable - KANSAS CITY ROYALS Team Set

  JF-29 Mike Moustakas


 2007 Justifiable - DETROIT TIGERS Team Set


 2007 Justifiable - MINNESOTA TWINS Team Set


 2007 Justifiable - CHICAGO WHITE SOX Team Set


 2007 Justifiable - NEW YORK YANKEES Team Set

  JF-18 George Kontos

  JF-25 Daniel McCutchen




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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

Any questions or to place an order, e-mail me at teamsets4u@aol.com