1999 Topps Traded

132 Card set. 

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1999 Topps Traded - Angels

T1        Seth Etherton

T103    Tim Belcher

T2        Mark Harriger

T3        Matt Wise

T82      Mo Vaughn


1999 Topps Traded - A's

T119    Randy Velarde

T121    Kevin Appier

T7        Justin Bowles

T8        Mark Mulder

T9        Roberto Vaz


            1999 Topps Traded


T4        Carlos Hernandez

T5        Julio Lugo

T6        Mike Nannini


            1999 Topps Traded

            Blue Jays

T10      Felipe Lopez

T100    Tony Batista

T108    Homer Bush

T116    David Segui

T78      David Wells


            1999 Topps Traded


T11      Matt Belisle

T118    Terry Mulholland

T12      Micah Bowie

T13      Ruben Quevedo

T92      Bret Boone

T98      Jose Hernandez


            1999 Topps Traded


T14      Jose Garcia


            1999 Topps Traded


T89      Eric Davis


            1999 Topps Traded


T15      David Kelton

T16      Phillip Norton

T17      Corey Patterson

T18      Ron Walker

T99      Rick Aguilera


            1999 Topps Traded

            Devil Rays

T19      Paul Hoover

T20      Ryan Rupe

T66      Josh Hamilton

T75      Carl Crawford

T83      Jose Canseco


            1999 Topps Traded


T109    Armando Reynoso

T111    Matt Mantei

T21      J.D. Closser

T22      Rob Ryan


            1999 Topps Traded


T23      Steve Colyer

T24      Bubba Crosby

T25      Luke Prokopec


            1999 Topps Traded


T26      Matt Blank

T27      Josh Mckinley

T67      Josh Girdley


            1999 Topps Traded


T114    Livan Hernandez

T28      Nate Bump

T29      Giuseppe Chiaramonte

T30      Arturo Mcdowell

T31      Tony Torcato


            1999 Topps Traded


T32      Dave Roberts

T33      C.C. Sabathia


            1999 Topps Traded


T34      Sean Spencer

T97      Brian Hunter


            1999 Topps Traded


T104    Bruce Aven

T35      Chip Ambres

T36      A.J. Burnett


            1999 Topps Traded


T101    Roger Cedeno

T113    Kenny Rogers

T117    Darryl Hamilton

T120    Bill Taylor

T37      Mo Bruce

T38      Jason Tyner

T80      Armando Benitez


            1999 Topps Traded


T39      Mamon Tucker

T69      Mike Paradis

T77      Will Clark

T84      Albert Belle

T95      Charles Johnson


            1999 Topps Traded


T40      Sean Burroughs

T41      Kevin Eberwein

T42      Junior Herndon

T43      Bryan Wolff

T72      Omar Ortiz

T74      Casey Burns

T76      Reggie Sanders


            1999 Topps Traded


T44      Pat Burrell

T45      Eric Valent

T91      Jeff Brantley

T93      Ron Gant


            1999 Topps Traded


T106    Ed Sprague

T81      Brant Brown

T88      Pat Meares

T90      Brian Giles


            1999 Topps Traded


T46      Carlos Pena

T47      Mike Zywica

T87      Mark Clark


            1999 Topps Traded

            Red Sox

T102    Creighton Gubanich

T105    Brian Daubach

T115    Butch Huskey

T48      Adam Everrett

T49      Juan Pena


            1999 Topps Traded


T107    Michael Tucker

T50      Adam Dunn

T51      Austin Kearns

T52      Jacobo Sequea

T86      Greg Vaughn

T94      Mike Cameron

T96      Denny Neagle


            1999 Topps Traded


T53      Choo Freeman

T54      Jeff Winchester

T70      Jason Jennings


            1999 Topps Traded


T55      Matt Burch

T56      Chris George

T57      Scott Mullen

T58      Kit Pellow

T59      Mark Quinn

T68      Kyle Snyder

T73      Jay Gehrke


            1999 Topps Traded


T112    Dave Mlicki

T60      Nate Cornejo

T85      Dean Palmer


            1999 Topps Traded


T61      Ryan Mills


            1999 Topps Traded

            White Sox

T110    Brook Fordyce

T62      Kevin Beirne

T63      Kip Wells

T79      Paul Konerko


            1999 Topps Traded


T64      Juan Rivera

T65      Alfonso Soriano

T71      David Walling


All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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