1990 Collect-A-Books

36 card set

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1990 Colla Jose Canseco - A's

1 Jose Canseco - Portrait

2 Jose Canseco Follow Through Bat at Waist

3 Jose Canseco Follow Through Bat at Shoulders

4 Jose Canseco Follow Through Helmetless

5 Jose Canseco - Dugout Portrait

6 Jose Canseco Profile Bat on Shoulder

7 Jose Canseco - Batting Cage Pose

8 Jose Canseco Follow Through ready to run

9 Jose Canseco Portrait Kneeling

10 Jose Canseco Portrait bat under shoulder

11 Jose Canseco - At Bat-rack

12 Jose Canseco - Running Bases


1990 Colla Postcards Mark Grace - CUBS

1 Mark Grace (Close-up shot,bat on left shoulder)

2 Mark Grace (Action shot, catchingthe ball)

3 Mark Grace (Action shot, waiting for the ball)

4 Mark Grace (Action shot, glove in right hand)

5 Mark Grace (Close-up shot from back)

6 Mark Grace (Action shot, batting)

7 Mark Grace (Two action shots, batting)

8 Mark Grace (Close-up, blue jersey)


1990 Colla Will Clark - GIANTS

1 Will Clark - Batting Pose, Gray Shirt

2 Will Clark - Bat at Shoulder, Short Sleeves

3 Will Clark - Smiling

4 Will Clark - Ball in Glove

5 Will Clark - Batting Pose, Long Sleeves

6 Will Clark Follow Through, bat over head

7 Will Clark Follow Through, hand released

8 Will Clark Standing, bat on ground

9 Will Clark - Pose with bat at waist

10 Will Clark - Portrait with Bat

11 Will Clark - Kneeling with Glove

12 Will Clark - Preparing to Field


1990 Colla Kevin Maas - YANKEES

1 Kevin Maas (Batting Pose)

2 Kevin Maas (Sitting on Dugout Steps)

3 Kevin Maas (Taking a leadon basepaths)

4 Kevin Maas (Close-Up)

5 Kevin Maas (Standing in Dugout)

6 Kevin Maas (Kneeling with bat)

7 Kevin Maas (Fielding Pose)

8 Kevin Maas (Follow Through 24 showing)

9 Kevin Maas (Portrait with Bat)

10 Kevin Maas (Follow Through)

11 Kevin Maas (Side Portrait)

12 Kevin Maas (Taking Batting Practice)


1990 Colla Don Mattingly - Yankees

1 Don Mattingly (Head-On Portrait)

2 Don Mattingly (Preparing to Swing)

3 Don Mattingly (Running Bases)

4 Don Mattingly (Portrait with glove in hand)

5 Don Mattingly (Backhanding a Ball)

6 Don Mattingly (Follow Through Bat Pointing Up)

7 Don Mattingly (Follow Through & bat to be release

8 Don Mattingly (Facing left bat on shoulder)

9 Don Mattingly (Portrait facing right)

10 Don Mattingly (Practice Swing bat at waist)

11 Don Mattingly (Preparing to field ball)

12 Don Mattingly (Kneeling)




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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