1989 Topps Traded

132 Cards only sold in factory set.

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1989 Topps Traded


2T Jim Abbott

3T Kent Anderson

11T Bert Blyleven

96T Lance Parrish

99T Doug Rader MG

125T Claudell Washington


1989 Topps Traded


48T Rickey Henderson

82T Mike Moore


1989 Topps Traded


19T Jim Clancy

53T Art Howe MG


1989 Topps Traded


32T Junior Felix RC

36T Cito Gaston MG

71T Al Leiter

109T Alex Sanchez


1989 Topps Traded


10T Geronimo Berroa

22T Jody Davis

31T Darrell Evans

39T Tommy Gregg

73T Derek Lilliquist RC

78T Oddibe McDowell

114T Lonnie Smith

121T Jeff Treadway


1989 Topps Traded


21T Bryan Clutterbuck

35T Terry Francona

115T Billy Spiers RC


1989 Topps Traded


24T Frank DiPino

50T Ken Hill RC

118T Milt Thompson


1989 Topps Traded


60T Paul Kilgus

76T Lloyd McClendon

113T Dwight Smith RC

123T Jerome Walton

126T Curt Wilkerson

130T Mitch Williams

131T Steve Wilson


1989 Topps Traded


84T Mike Morgan

87T Eddie Murray

100T Willie Randolph


1989 Topps Traded


42T Kevin Gross

66T Mark Langston

92T Spike Owen


1989 Topps Traded


8T Steve Bedrosian

14T Jeff Brantley RC

59T Terry Kennedy


1989 Topps Traded


4T Keith Atherton

16T Jerry Browne

33T Felix Fermin

88T Pete O'Brien

91T Jesse Orosco


1989 Topps Traded


41T Ken Griffey Jr. RC

45T Erik Hanson RC

46T Gene Harris RC

51T Brian Holman RC

57T Randy Johnson

70T Jim Lefebvre MG

72T Jeffrey Leonard

97T Dennis Powell

122T Omar Vizquel RC


1989 Topps Traded


1T Don Aase

108T Juan Samuel


1989 Topps Traded


13T Phil Bradley

23T Mike Devereaux

52T Brian Holton

81T Randy Milligan

89T Gregg Olson


1989 Topps Traded


20T Jack Clark

55T Bruce Hurst

56T Chris James

103T Bip Roberts

107T Luis Salazar

117T Walt Terrell


1989 Topps Traded


27T Len Dykstra

49T Tom Herr

54T Ken Howell

63T John Kruk

65T Steve Lake

79T Roger McDowell

80T Larry McWilliams

90T Steve Ontiveros

95T Jeff Parrett

102T Randy Ready

119T Dickie Thon


1989 Topps Traded


25T Benny Distefano

98T Rey Quinones


1989 Topps Traded


15T Kevin Brown

34T Julio Franco

68T Rick Leach

85T Jamie Moyer

93T Rafael Palmeiro

104T Kenny Rogers RC

106T Nolan Ryan


1989 Topps Traded


26T John Dopson

29T Nick Esasky

64T Randy Kutcher

86T Rob Murphy

105T Ed Romero


1989 Topps Traded


9T Todd Benzinger

40T Ken Griffey Sr.

74T Rick Mahler

116T Kent Tekulve


1989 Topps Traded


12T Bob Boone

28T Jim Eisenreich

38T Tom Gordon RC

69T Terry Leach


1989 Topps Traded


83T Keith Moreland

112T Rick Schu

124T Gary Ward

128T Frank Williams

129T Ken Williams


1989 Topps Traded


5T Wally Backman

18T Carmen Castillo

101T Shane Rawley


1989 Topps Traded


61T Eric King

62T Ron Kittle

75T Tom McCarthy

120T Jeff Torborg MG

127T Eddie Williams


1989 Topps Traded


6T Steve Balboni

7T Jesse Barfield

17T Chuck Cary

30T Alvaro Espinoza

37T Bob Geren

43T Lee Guetterman

44T Mel Hall

47T Andy Hawkins

58T Jimmy Jones

67T Dave LaPoint

77T Lance McCullers

94T Clay Parker

110T Deion Sanders RC

111T Steve Sax


132T Checklist 1T-132T



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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