1988 Topps Traded and Traded Tiffany

  132 cards set.  Both the regular and Tiffany sets were only distributed in factory sets. 

    Note that the Team USA cards are not included in the team sets. 

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 1988 Topps Traded - Angels 

 32T Chili Davis 

 45T Bryan Harvey 

 85T Dan Petry 

 97T Cookie Rojas MG 


 1988 Topps Traded - A'S 

 11T Don Baylor 

 46T Ron Hassey 

 48T Dave Henderson 

 53T Glenn Hubbard

 81T Dave Parker 

 126T Walt Weiss

 127T Bob Welch 


 1988 Topps Traded - ASTROS 

 2T Juan Agosto 

 13T Buddy Bell 

 90T Rafael Ramirez 


 1988 Topps Traded - BLUE JAYS 

 17T Pat Borders 

 24T Sil Campusano

 116T Todd Stottlemyre

 128T David Wells 


 1988 Topps Traded - BRAVES 

 29T Kevin Coffman

 39T Ron Gant 

 76T Russ Nixon MG

 111T Pete Smith


 1988 Topps Traded - BREWERS 

 7T Don August 

 37T Tom Filer 

 61T Jeffrey Leonard 


 1988 Topps Traded - CARDINALS 

 3T Luis Alicea 

 20T Tom Brunansky

 34T Jose DeLeon 

 50T Bob Horner 

 70T Larry McWilliams 

 84T Steve Peters 

 119T Scott Terry 


 1988 Topps Traded - CUBS 

 15T Damon Berryhill

 41T Rich Gossage 

 42T Mark Grace 

 56T Darrin Jackson 

 60T Vance Law 

 75T Al Nipper 

 87T Jeff Pico 

 104T Calvin Schiraldi 

 131T Don Zimmer MG


 1988 Topps Traded - DODGERS 

 12T Tim Belcher 

 33T Mike Davis 

 40T Kirk Gibson 

 43T Alfredo Griffin 

 52T Jay Howell 

 77T Jesse Orosco 


 1988 Topps Traded - EXPOS 

 94T Luis Rivera 

 102T Nelson Santovenia 


 1988 Topps Traded - GIANTS 

 22T Brett Butler 

 64T Kirt Manwaring 

 93T Ernie Riles 


 1988 Topps Traded - INDIANS 

 16T Bud Black 

 58T Ron Kittle 

 123T Willie Upshaw

 125T Ron Washington 


 1988 Topps Traded - MARINERS 

 31T Henry Cotto 

 105T Mike Schooler

 112T Jim Snyder MG

 117T Bill Swift 

 129T Glenn Wilson 


 1988 Topps Traded - METS 

 54T Jeff Innis 

 103T Mackey Sasser


 1988 Topps Traded - ORIOLES 

 10T Jose Bautista

 73T Mike Morgan 

 78T Joe Orsulak 

 96T Frank Robinson MG 

 114T Pete Stanicek

 120T Mickey Tettleton 


 1988 Topps Traded - PADRES 

 4T Roberto Alomar 

 69T Jack McKeon MG 

 72T Keith Moreland 

 80T Mark Parent 

 91T Dennis Rasmussen 

 121T Dickie Thon 


 1988 Topps Traded - PHILLIES 

 18T Phil Bradley 

 79T Dave Palmer 


 1988 Topps Traded - PIRATES 

 no Pirates were issued


 1988 Topps Traded - RANGERS 

 26T Jose Cecena 

 36T Cecil Espy 

 47T Ray Hayward 


 1988 Topps Traded - RED SOX 

 5T Brady Anderson 

 27T Rick Cerone 

 110T Lee Smith 


 1988 Topps Traded - REDS 

 6T Jack Armstrong 

 55T Danny Jackson

 92T Jose Rijo 

 98T Chris Sabo 

 122T Jeff Treadway


 1988 Topps Traded - ROYALS  

 8T Floyd Bannister 

 62T Mike Macfarlane 

 63T Scotti Madison 

 89T Ted Power 

 115T Kurt Stillwell 

 118T Pat Tabler 


 1988 Topps Traded - TIGERS 

 59T Ray Knight 

 86T Gary Pettis 

 100T Luis Salazar 


 1988 Topps Traded - TWINS 

 49T Tom Herr 


 1988 Topps Traded - WHITE SOX 

 51T Ricky Horton 

 68T Jack McDowell 

 82T Dan Pasqua 

 83T Melido Perez

 99T Mark Salas 


 1988 Topps Traded - YANKEES 

 21T Jay Buhner 

 25T John Candelaria 

 28T Jack Clark 

 35T Richard Dotson 

 57T Roberto Kelly 

 101T Rafael Santana 

 108T Don Slaught 


 1988 Topps Traded - USA OLYMPIC TEAM

 1T Jim Abbott OLY 

 9T Bret Barberie OLY 

 14T Andy Benes OLY 

 19T Jeff Branson OLY

 23T Jim Campanis OLY 

 30T Pat Combs OLY 

 38T Mike Fiore OLY 

 44T Ty Griffin OLY 

 65T Mark Marquess OLY 

 66T Tino Martinez OLY 

 67T Billy Masse OLY 

 71T M.Morandini OLY 

 74T Charles Nagy OLY

 88T Jim Poole OLY 

 95T Doug Robbins OLY

 106T Scott Servais OLY 

 107T Dave Silvestri OLY 

 109T Joe Slusarski OLY 

 113T Ed Sprague OLY 

 124T Robin Ventura OLY 

 130T Ted Wood OLY 


 Not included in team sets.

 132T Checklist 1T-132T



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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