1987 Topps Traded and Topps Traded Tiffany

    132 card set distributed only in factory set form.

   The Tiffany traded set has the same checklist and also only available in Factory sets.

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 1987 Topps Traded


 13T DeWayne Buice

 35T Willie Fraser

 62T Jack Lazorko

 75T Mark McLemore 

 79T Greg Minton


 1987 Topps Traded


 22T Ron Cey

 31T Dennis Eckersley

 52T Reggie Jackson

 84T Gene Nelson

 96T Luis Polonia 

 117T Terry Steinbach 


 1987 Topps Traded


 77T Dave Meads


 1987 Topps Traded


 56T Joe Johnson

 74T Fred McGriff

 82T Charlie Moore

 83T Jeff Musselman


 1987 Topps Traded


 41T Albert Hall

 54T Dion James

 85T Graig Nettles

 105T Gary Roenicke


 1987 Topps Traded


 9T Greg Brock

 20T Juan Castillo

 25T Chuck Crim

 121T Tom Trebelhorn MG


 1987 Topps Traded


 1987 Topps Traded

 65T Jim Lindeman

 72T Joe Magrane 

 95T Tony Pena


 1987 Topps Traded


 27T Andre Dawson

 70T Greg Maddux 

 73T Dave Martinez 

 92T Dickie Noles

 119T Jim Sundberg


 1987 Topps Traded


 12T Ralph Bryant

 43T Mickey Hatcher

 44T Brad Havens

 49T Brian Holton

 64T Tim Leary

 112T John Shelby

 131T Matt Young


 1987 Topps Traded


 17T Casey Candaele

 45T Neal Heaton

 87T Reid Nichols

 100T Jeff Reed


 1987 Topps Traded


 39T Jim Gott

 78T Eddie Milner

 81T Kevin Mitchell

 115T Chris Speier

 129T Matt Williams 


 1987 Topps Traded


 19T Steve Carlton

 28T Rick Dempsey

 123T Ed VandeBerg


 1987 Topps Traded


 2T Scott Bankhead

 23T John Christensen

 58T Mike Kingery

 113T Steve Shields

 122T Dave Valle

 127T Bill Wilkinson


 1987 Topps Traded


 1T Bill Almon

 24T David Cone 

 63T Terry Leach

 68T Barry Lyons

 76T Kevin McReynolds

 80T John Mitchell



 1987 Topps Traded


 3T Eric Bell

 37T Ken Gerhart

 57T Terry Kennedy

 59T Ray Knight

 88T Tom Niedenfuer

 102T Cal Ripken Sr. MG

 110T Dave Schmidt

 126T Alan Wiggins


 1987 Topps Traded


 6T Greg Booker

 8T Larry Bowa MG

 26T Storm Davis

 55T Stan Jefferson

 69T Shane Mack

 97T Randy Ready

 108T Luis Salazar

 109T Benito Santiago 


 1987 Topps Traded


 32T Lee Elia MG

 16T Jeff Calhoun

 53T Chris James 

 94T Lance Parrish

 103T Wally Ritchie


 1987 Topps Traded


 18T John Cangelosi

 29T Doug Drabek

 30T Mike Dunne

 33T Brian Fisher

 42T Terry Harper

 61T Mike LaValliere

 114T John Smiley 

 124T Andy Van Slyke


 1987 Topps Traded


 10T Bob Brower

 11T Jerry Browne

 116T Mike Stanley 


 1987 Topps Traded


 14T Ellis Burks 


 1987 Topps Traded


 34T Terry Francona

 48T Guy Hoffman

 93T Pat Pacillo

 128T Frank Williams


 1987 Topps Traded


 111T Kevin Seitzer 

 120T Danny Tartabull

 36T Billy Gardner MG

 4T Juan Beniquez

 51T Danny Jackson

 7T Thad Bosley


 1987 Topps Traded


 46T Mike Henneman 

 71T Bill Madlock

 91T Matt Nokes 

 104T Jeff M. Robinson


 1987 Topps Traded


 5T Juan Berenguer

 38T Dan Gladden

 60T Gene Larkin 

 66T Steve Lombardozzi

 86T Al Newman

 89T Joe Niekro

 90T Tom Nieto

 98T Jeff Reardon

 118T Les Straker


 1987 Topps Traded


 15T Ivan Calderon

 47T Donnie Hill

 67T Bill Long

 99T Gary Redus

 106T Jerry Royster

 130T Jim Winn


 1987 Topps Traded


 21T Rick Cerone

 40T Cecilio Guante

 50T Charles Hudson

 101T Rick Rhoden

 107T Mark Salas

 125T Gary Ward



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