1986 Topps Traded and Traded Tiffany

  132 card set.  Only distributed in factory sets.  Both the Traded and Traded Tiffany set have the same checklist

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A'S 1986 Topps Traded

3T Joaquin Andujar

44T Moose Haas

20T Jose Canseco


Angels 1986 Topps Traded

16T Rick Burleson

37T Terry Forster

51T Wally Joyner


ASTROS 1986 Topps Traded

45T Billy Hatcher

52T Charlie Kerfeld

60T Hal Lanier MG


BLUE JAYS 1986 Topps Traded

23T John Cerutti

34T Mark Eichhorn

63T Rick Leach


BRAVES 1986 Topps Traded

102T Ted Simmons

107T Chuck Tanner MG

111T Andres Thomas

119T Ozzie Virgil

4T Paul Assenmacher

41T Ken Griffey

75T Omar Moreno

84T David Palmer

98T Billy Sample


BREWERS 1986 Topps Traded

106T Dale Sveum

123T Bill Wegman

22T Rick Cerone

25T Mark Clear

31T Rob Deer

64T Tim Leary

79T Juan Nieves

87T Dan Plesac

92T Billy Joe Robidoux


CARDINALS 1986 Topps Traded

127T Todd Worrell

28T Tim Conroy

46T Mike Heath

82T Jose Oquendo



CUBS 1986 Topps Traded

117T Manny Trillo

38T Terry Francona

73T Gene Michael MG

76T Jerry Mumphrey


DODGERS 1986 Topps Traded

105T Franklin Stubbs

116T Alex Trevino

118T Ed VandeBerg


EXPOS 1986 Topps Traded

114T Jay Tibbs

128T George Wright

55T Wayne Krenchicki

71T Bob McClure

72T Andy McGaffigan

40T Andres Galarraga


GIANTS 1986 Topps Traded

113T Robby Thompson

57T Mike LaCoss

69T Candy Maldonado

70T Roger Mason

9T Juan Berenguer

93T Jeff D. Robinson

24T Will Clark


INDIANS 1986 Topps Traded

1T Andy Allanson

100T Ken Schrom

18T Tom Candiotti

21T Carmen Castillo

5T Scott Bailes

77T Phil Niekro

80T Otis Nixon


MARINERS 1986 Topps Traded

108T Danny Tartabull

124T Dick Williams MG

130T Steve Yeager

58T Pete Ladd


METS 1986 Topps Traded

109T Tim Teufel

74T Kevin Mitchell

78T Randy Niemann

81T Bob Ojeda


ORIOLES 1986 Topps Traded

13T Juan Bonilla

14T Rich Bordi

8T Juan Beniquez


PADRES 1986 Topps Traded

121T Gene Walter

15T Steve Boros MG

49T Dane Iorg

56T John Kruk

91T Bip Roberts


PHILLIES 1986 Topps Traded

112T Milt Thompson

47T Tom Hume

7T Steve Bedrosian

90T Gary Redus


PIRATES 1986 Topps Traded

10T Mike Bielecki

11T Barry Bonds

120T Bob Walk

54T Bob Kipper

66T Jim Leyland MG


RANGERS 1986 Topps Traded

125T Mitch Williams

126T Bobby Witt

129T Ricky Wright

36T Scott Fletcher

43T Jose Guzman

48T Pete Incaviglia

68T Mickey Mahler

83T Tom Paciorek

88T Darrell Porter


RED SOX 1986 Topps Traded

101T Tom Seaver

103T Sammy Stewart

6T Don Baylor

89T Rey Quinones

95T Ed Romero

97T Joe Sambito


REDS 1986 Topps Traded

104T Kurt Stillwell

32T John Denny

42T Bill Gullickson


ROYALS 1986 Topps Traded

35T Steve Farr

62T Rudy Law

65T Dennis Leonard

96T Argenis Salazar

50T Bo Jackson - Royals


TIGERS 1986 Topps Traded

17T Bill Campbell

26T Darnell Coles

27T Dave Collins

53T Eric King

59T Mike Laga

61T Dave LaPoint


TWINS 1986 Topps Traded

85T Frank Pastore


WHITE SOX 1986 Topps Traded

115T Wayne Tolleson

12T Bobby Bonilla

19T John Cangelosi

2T Neil Allen

29T Joe Cowley

30T Joel Davis

39T Jim Fregosi MG

67T Steve Lyons

99T Dave Schmidt


YANKEES 1986 Topps Traded

110T Bob Tewksbury

122T Claudell Washington

131T Paul Zuvella

33T Mike Easler

86T Lou Piniella MG

94T Gary Roenicke


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132T Checklist 1T-132T



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