1985 Topps Traded

  132 Card factory set.   Both the Regular and Tiffany sets have the same checklist. 

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 1985 Topps Traded - ANGELS

 23T Pat Clements 

 65T Ruppert Jones 

 81T Gene Mauch MG 

 85T Donnie Moore 


1985 Topps Traded - A'S

 4T Dusty Baker 

 25T Dave Collins 

 42T Alfredo Griffin 

 50T Steve Henderson 

 54T Donnie Hill 

 57T Jay Howell 

 90T Rob Picciolo 

 116T Don Sutton 

 118T Tom Tellmann 

 120T Mickey Tettleton XRC 


1985 Topps Traded - ASTROS

 79T Ron Mathis 


1985 Topps Traded - BLUE JAYS

 14T Jeff Burroughs 

 19T Bill Caudill 

 72T Gary Lavelle 

 80T Len Matuszek 


1985 Topps Traded - BRAVES

 20T Rick Cerone 

 44T Eddie Haas MG 

 45T Terry Harper 

 100T Paul Runge 

 115T Bruce Sutter 


1985 Topps Traded - BREWERS

 5T George Bamberger MG 

 13T Ray Burris 

 26T Danny Darwin 

 39T Bob L. Gibson 

 53T Teddy Higuera XRC 


1985 Topps Traded - CARDINALS

 15T Bill Campbell 

 22T Jack Clark 

 24T Vince Coleman XRC 

 30T Ivan DeJesus 

 124T John Tudor 


1985 Topps Traded - CUBS

 29T Brian Dayett 

 35T Ray Fontenot 

 111T Chris Speier 


1985 Topps Traded - DODGERS

 18T Bobby Castillo 

 32T Mariano Duncan XRC 

 58T Ken Howell 

 88T Al Oliver 


1985 Topps Traded - EXPOS

 9T Hubie Brooks 

 34T Mike Fitzgerald 

 52T Joe Hesketh 

 73T Vance Law 

 87T Steve Nicosia 

 94T Bert Roberge 

 95T Bob Rodgers MG 

 128T U.L. Washington 

 131T Herm Winningham 


1985 Topps Traded - GIANTS

 10T Chris Brown 

 27T Jim Davenport MG 

 38T Scott Garrelts 

 40T Jim Gott 

 41T David Green 

 71T Dave LaPoint 

 123T Alex Trevino 

 125T Jose Uribe 


1985 Topps Traded - INDIANS

 3T Benny Ayala 

 21T Bryan Clark 

 99T Vern Ruhle 

 122T Rich Thompson 

 127T Dave Von Ohlen 


1985 Topps Traded - MARINERS

 92T Jim Presley 

 105T Donnie Scott 


1985 Topps Traded - METS

 17T Gary Carter 

 64T Howard Johnson 

 83T Roger McDowell

 103T Joe Sambito 


1985 Topps Traded - ORIOLES

 1T Don Aase 

 31T Ken Dixon 

 70T Lee Lacy 

 77T Fred Lynn 

 106T Larry Sheets 

 110T Nate Snell

 129T Earl Weaver MG 


1985 Topps Traded - PADRES

 12T Al Bumbry 

 28T Jerry Davis 

 59T LaMarr Hoyt 

 96T Jerry Royster 

 113T Tim Stoddard 


1985 Topps Traded - PHILLIES

 16T Don Carman 

 33T John Felske MG 

 62T Steve Jeltz 

 98T Dave Rucker 

 104T Rick Schu 

 117T Kent Tekulve 

 121T Derrel Thomas 


1985 Topps Traded - PIRATES

 2T Bill Almon 

 51T George Hendrick 

 55T Al Holland 

 66T Steve Kemp 

 74T Johnnie LeMaster 

 75T Sixto Lezcano 

 89T Joe Orsulak

 93T Rick Reuschel 


1985 Topps Traded - RANGERS

 46T Toby Harrah 

 47T Greg Harris 

 56T Burt Hooton 

 63T Cliff Johnson 

 82T Oddibe McDowell 

 97T Dave Rozema 

 107T Don Slaught 

 126T Bobby Valentine MG 


1985 Topps Traded - RED SOX

 67T Bruce Kison 

 84T John McNamara MG 


1985 Topps Traded - REDS

 11T Tom Browning XRC

 68T Alan Knicely 


1985 Topps Traded - ROYALS

 69T Mike LaCoss 

 109T Lonnie Smith 

 114T Jim Sundberg 


1985 Topps Traded - TIGERS

 91T Chris Pittaro 

 119T Walt Terrell 


1985 Topps Traded - TWINS

 36T Greg Gagne 

 101T Mark Salas 

 108T Roy Smalley 

 112T Mike Stenhouse 


1985 Topps Traded - WHITE SOX

 8T Daryl Boston 

 37T Oscar Gamble 

 43T Ozzie Guillen XRC 

 60T Tim Hulett 

 61T Bob James 

 76T Tim Lollar 

 86T Gene Nelson 

 102T Luis Salazar 


1985 Topps Traded - YANKEES

 6T Dale Berra 

 7T Rich Bordi 

 48T Ron Hassey 

 49T Rickey Henderson 

 78T Billy Martin MG 

 130T Eddie Whitson 


 Not Included in Team Sets

 132T Checklist 1-132 



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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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