1968 Kahn Weiners

  50 card set

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1968 Kahn Weiners - BRAVES

  A1 Hank Aaron 

  A4 Clete Boyer 

  A11 Joe Torre 

  B1 Hank Aaron

  B4 Felipe Alou

  B9 Clete Boyer 

  B34 Joe Torre


 1968 Kahn Weiners - CUBS

  B17 Fergie Jenkins 

  B31 Ron Santo

  B37 Billy Williams


 1968 Kahn Weiners - INDIANS

  A3 Max Alvis 

  A5 Chico Cardenas 

  B6 Max Alvis

  B10 Larry Brown 

  B11 Leo Cardenas

  B13 Steve Hargan

  B15 Tony Horton

  B26 Sam McDowell

  B33 Luis Tiant

  B36 Leon Wagner


 1968 Kahn Weiners - METS

  B2 Tommy Agee 

  B32 Art Shamsky


 1968 Kahn Weiners - PIRATES

  A2 Gene Alley 

  A9 Bill Mazeroski 

  A12 Bob Veale 

  B3 Gene Alley

  B5 Matty Alou

  B23 Bill Mazeroski

  B35 Bob Veale


 1968 Kahn Weiners - REDS

  A7 Jim Maloney 

  A8 Lee May 

  A10 Vada Pinson 

  B7 Gerry Arrigo

  B8 John Bench 

  B18 Deron Johnson

  B19 Mack Jones

  B20 Bob Lee 

  B21 Jim Maloney

  B22 Lee May

  B25 Bill McCool

  B27 Tony Perez

  B29 Vada Pinson

  B30 Chico Ruiz 


 1968 Kahn Weiners - TIGERS

  A6 Bill Freehan 

  B12 Bill Freehan 

  B16 Willie Horton 

  B24 Dick McAuliffe 

  B38 Earl Wilson 


 1968 Kahn Weiners - WHITE SOX

  B14 Joel Horlen

  B28 Gary Peters




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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