1953 Brown & Bigelow

312 Card Set.

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1953 Brown & Bigelow  - Philadelphia Athletics

  Connie Mack 2 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 3 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 4 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 5 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 6 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 7 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 8 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 9 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 10 of Clubs 

  Connie Mack Jack of Clubs 

  Connie Mack Queen of Clubs 

  Connie Mack King of Clubs 

  Connie Mack Ace of Clubs 

  Connie Mack 2 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 3 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 4 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 5 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 6 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 7 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 8 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 9 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 10 of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack Jack of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack Queen of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack King of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack Ace of Diamonds 

  Connie Mack 2 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 3 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 4 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 5 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 6 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 7 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 8 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 9 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 10 of Hearts 

  Connie Mack Jack of Hearts 

  Connie Mack Queen of Hearts 

  Connie Mack King of Hearts 

  Connie Mack Ace of Hearts 

  Connie Mack 2 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 3 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 4 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 5 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 6 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 7 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 8 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 9 of Spades 

  Connie Mack 10 of Spades 

  Connie Mack Jack of Spades 

  Connie Mack Queen of Spades 

  Connie Mack King of Spades 

  Connie Mack Ace of Spades 



 1953 Brown & Bigelow  - New York Giants

  John McGraw 2 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 3 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 4 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 5 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 6 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 7 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 8 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 9 of Clubs 

  John McGraw 10 of Clubs 

  John McGraw Jack of Clubs 

  John McGraw Queen of Clubs 

  John McGraw King of Clubs 

  John McGraw Ace of Clubs 

  John McGraw 2 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 3 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 4 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 5 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 6 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 7 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 8 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 9 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 10 of Diamonds 

  John McGraw Jack of Diamonds 

  John McGraw Queen of Diamonds 

  John McGraw King of Diamonds 

  John McGraw Ace of Diamonds 

  John McGraw 2 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 3 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 4 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 5 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 6 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 7 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 8 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 9 of Hearts 

  John McGraw 10 of Hearts 

  John McGraw Jack of Hearts 

  John McGraw Queen of Hearts 

  John McGraw King of Hearts 

  John McGraw Ace of Hearts 

  John McGraw 2 of Spades 

  John McGraw 3 of Spades 

  John McGraw 4 of Spades 

  John McGraw 5 of Spades 

  John McGraw 6 of Spades 

  John McGraw 7 of Spades 

  John McGraw 8 of Spades 

  John McGraw 9 of Spades 

  John McGraw 10 of Spades 

  John McGraw Jack of Spades 

  John McGraw Queen of Spades 

  John McGraw King of Spades 

  John McGraw Ace of Spades 


 1953 Brown & Bigelow  - Pittsburgh Pirates

  Honus Wagner 2 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 3 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 4 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 5 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 6 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 7 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 8 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 9 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 10 of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner Jack of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner Queen of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner King of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner Ace of Clubs 

  Honus Wagner 2 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 3 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 4 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 5 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 6 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 7 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 8 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 9 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 10 of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner Jack of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner Queen of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner King of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner Ace of Diamonds 

  Honus Wagner 2 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 3 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 4 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 5 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 6 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 7 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 8 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 9 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 10 of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner Jack of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner Queen of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner King of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner Ace of Hearts 

  Honus Wagner 2 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 3 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 4 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 5 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 6 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 7 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 8 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 9 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner 10 of Spades 

  Honus Wagner Jack of Spades 

  Honus Wagner Queen of Spades 

  Honus Wagner King of Spades 

  Honus Wagner Ace of Spades 


 1953 Brown & Bigelow  - Detroit Tigers

  Ty Cobb 2 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 3 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 4 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 5 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 6 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 7 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 8 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 9 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 10 of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb Jack of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb Queen of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb King of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb Ace of Clubs 

  Ty Cobb 2 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 3 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 4 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 5 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 6 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 7 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 8 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 9 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 10 of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb Jack of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb Queen of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb King of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb Ace of Diamonds 

  Ty Cobb 2 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 3 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 4 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 5 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 6 of Hearts  

  Ty Cobb 7 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 8 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 9 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 10 of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb Jack of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb Queen of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb King of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb Ace of Hearts 

  Ty Cobb 2 of Spades  

  Ty Cobb 3 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 4 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 5 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 6 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 7 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 8 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 9 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb 10 of Spades 

  Ty Cobb Jack of Spades 

  Ty Cobb Queen of Spades 

  Ty Cobb King of Spades 

  Ty Cobb Ace of Spades 


 1953 Brown & Bigelow  - New York Yankees

  Lou Gehrig 2 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 3 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 4 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 5 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 6 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 7 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 8 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 9 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 10 of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig Jack of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig Queen of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig King of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig Ace of Clubs 

  Lou Gehrig 2 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 3 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 4 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 5 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 6 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 7 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 8 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 9 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 10 of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig Jack of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig Queen of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig King of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig Ace of Diamonds 

  Lou Gehrig 2 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 3 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 4 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 5 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 6 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 7 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 8 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 9 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 10 of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig Jack of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig Queen of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig King of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig Ace of Hearts 

  Lou Gehrig 2 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 3 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 4 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 5 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 6 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 7 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 8 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 9 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig 10 of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig Jack of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig Queen of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig King of Spades 

  Lou Gehrig Ace of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 2 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 3 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 4 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 5 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 6 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 7 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 8 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 9 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 10 of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth Jack of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth Queen of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth King of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth Ace of Clubs 

  Babe Ruth 2 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 3 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 4 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 5 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 6 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 7 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 8 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 9 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 10 of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth Jack of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth Queen of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth King of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth Ace of Diamonds 

  Babe Ruth 2 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 3 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 4 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 5 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 6 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 7 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 8 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 9 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 10 of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth Jack of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth Queen of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth King of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth Ace of Hearts 

  Babe Ruth 2 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 3 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 4 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 5 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 6 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 7 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 8 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 9 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth 10 of Spades 

  Babe Ruth Jack of Spades 

  Babe Ruth Queen of Spades 

  Babe Ruth King of Spades 

  Babe Ruth Ace of Spades 




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