1952 Star Cal Large

    70 card set.  

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1952 Star Cal Large - A'S

  75A Ned Garver 

  76A Gus Zernial 

  76B Ferris Fain 

  76C Bobby Shantz 


 1952 Star Cal Large - BRAVES


 1952 Star Cal Large - BROWNS


 1952 Star Cal Large - CARDINALS

  81A Red Schoendienst 

  81B Wally Westlake 

  81C Cliff Chambers 

  81D Enos Slaughter 

  81E Stan Musial 

  81F Stan Musial 


 1952 Star Cal Large - CUBS

  80A Eddie Miksis 

  80B Dutch Leonard 

  80C Randy Jackson 

  80D Bob Rush 

  80E Hank Sauer 

  80F Phil Cavarretta 

  80G Warren Hacker 


 1952 Star Cal Large - DODGERS

  79A Gil Hodges 

  79B Pee Wee Reese 

  79C Roy Campanella 

  79D Don Newcombe 

  79E Duke Snider 

  79F Preacher Roe 

  79G Jackie Robinson 


 1952 Star Cal Large - GIANTS

  78A Bobby Thomson 

  78B Alvin Dark 

  78C Sal Maglie 

  78D Larry Jansen 

  78E Willie Mays 

  78F Monte Irvin 

  78G Whitey Lockman 


 1952 Star Cal Large - INDIANS

  74A Larry Doby 

  74B Al Rosen 

  74C Bob Lemon 

  74D Jim Hegan 

  74E Bob Feller 

  74F Dale Mitchell 


 1952 Star Cal Large - PHILLIES

  77A Richie Ashburn 

  77C Curt Simmons 


 1952 Star Cal Large - PIRATES

  77B Ralph Kiner 


 1952 Star Cal Large - RED SOX

  71A Mel Parnell 

  71B Ted Williams 

  71C Ted Williams 

  71D Vern Stephens 

  71E Billy Goodman 

  71F Dom DiMaggio 

  71G Dick Gernert 

  71H Hoot Evers 


 1952 Star Cal Large - REDS


 1952 Star Cal Large - SENATORS


 1952 Star Cal Large - TIGERS

  72A George Kell 

  72B Hal Newhouser 

  72C Hoot Evers 

  72D Vic Wertz 

  72E Fred Hutchinson 

  72F Johnny Groth 


 1952 Star Cal Large - WHITE SOX

  73A Al Zarilla 

  73B Billy Pierce 

  73C Eddie Robinson 

  73D Chico Carrasquel 

  73E Minnie Minoso 

  73F Jim Busby 

  73G Nellie Fox 

  73H Sam Mele 


 1952 Star Cal Large - YANKEES

  70A Allie Reynolds 

  70B Ed Lopat 

  70C Yogi Berra 

  70D Vic Raschi 

  70E Jerry Coleman 

  70F Phil Rizzuto 

  70G Mickey Mantle 




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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