1952 Berk Ross

72 card set. 

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1952 Berk Ross - A'S

 Ferris Fain

 Gus Zernial


 1952 Berk Ross - BRAVES

 Bob Elliott


 1952 Berk Ross - BROWNS

 Ned Garver


 1952 Berk Ross - CARDINALS

 Stan Musial

 Red Schoendienst

 Wally Westlake


 1952 Berk Ross - CUBS


 1952 Berk Ross - DODGERS

 Roy Campanella

 Gil Hodges

 Don Newcombe

 Pee Wee Reese

 Jackie Robinson

 Preacher Roe

 Duke Snider


 1952 Berk Ross - GIANTS

 Alvin Dark

 Clint Hartung

 Jim Hearn

 Monte Irvin

 Larry Jansen

 Sheldon Jones

 Monte Kennedy

 Dave Koslo

 Whitey Lockman

 Sal Maglie

 Willie Mays

 Don Mueller

 Ray Noble

 Bill Rigney

 George Spencer

 Eddie Stanky

 Hank Thompson

 Bobby Thomson

 Wes Westrum


 1952 Berk Ross - INDIANS

 Larry Doby

 Bob Feller

 Bob Lemon


 1952 Berk Ross - PHIll IES

 Richie Ashburn

 Del Ennis

 Robin Roberts


 1952 Berk Ross - PIRATES

 Ralph Kiner


 1952 Berk Ross - RED SOX

 Dom DiMaggio

 Bobby Doerr

 Mel Parnell

 Ted Williams


 1952 Berk Ross - REDS


 1952 Berk Ross - SENATORS


 1952 Berk Ross - TIGERS

 George Kell

 Vic Wertz


 1952 Berk Ross - WHITE SOX

 Ewell Blackwell  (photo of Nellie Fox)

 Jim Busby

 Chico Carrasquel

 Nellie Fox (photo of Ewell Blackwell)

 Minnie Minoso

 Eddie Robinson


 1952 Berk Ross - YANKEES

 Hank Bauer

 Yogi Berra

 Bobby Brown

 Jerry Coleman

 Joe Collins

 Joe DiMaggio

 Bob Kuzava

 Ed Lopat

 Mickey Mantle

 Billy Martin

 Gil McDougald

 Johnny Mize

 Tom Morgan

 Joe Ostrowski

 Vic Raschi

 Allie Reynolds

 A Phil Rizzuto/ (bunting)

 B Phil Rizzuto/ (swinging)

 Johnny Sain

 Gene Woodling


Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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