1949 Smack-A-Roo R447

      16 Card trivia set    

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A pop fly is about to fall near foul line. Fielder, in foul territory touches it--drops it into fair territory. FAIR or Foul?     FAIR! If left alone it could drop fair or foul.


Ball hit on home plate and into infield. FAIR or FOUL?       FAIR! Home plate is in fair territory.


A batted ball hits the batter and rolls fair. FAIR or FOUL?   FOUL! He is in foul territory while in the batter's box.


Batter does not move and allows ball to hit him. Does he take first base because HIT BY PITCHER?  NO! He must make an effort not to be hit.


Second baseman and shortstop miss perfect throw by catcher in attempted steal by runner to second base. Who is charged with error?      DECISION UP TO SCORER as to who should have taken this perfect throw.


Bases loaded, pitcher steps on rubber, winds up, and accidentally drops ball. Is there a penalty?     THIS IS A BALK. All runners advance.


Fan reaches out and catches long fair batted ball before it is fielded. What is the ruling?      GROUND RULE DOUBLE.


Which major league stadium has the largest seating capacity?            AMERICAN: Municipal Stadium, Cleveland -- 73.811; NATIONAL: Polo Grounds, New York -- 56,000.


The longest distances from home plate to RIGHT -- CENTER -- LEFT field will be found at which fields?  RIGHT: Wrigley Field, Chicago 355' -- CENTER: Polo Grounds, N. Y. 483' -- LEFT: Griffith Stadium, Wash. 405'


What teams played the longest game in history?         BRAVES AND DODGERS: 26 Innings -- May 1, 1920. Game ended in a one to one tie!


With bases loaded and none out, batter hits into double play, scoring runner from third. Is this a run batted in?  NO! No credit given when batter hits into double play.


Who holds the record for most home runs in one season?       BABE RUTH, Yankees -- 60 home runs 1927; BABE RUTH, Yankees -- 59 home runs, 1921


What team holds the record of the longest winning streak?    GIANTS: 1916 -- 26 games.


Do you know the measurements of bases, home plate, and playing field?      The diagram below will show you.


A fielder throws his glove at a bunted ball to prevent it from curving fair. What is the ruling?  AUTOMATIC TRIPLE for throwing glove or cap.


A bunted ball ACCIDENTALLY hits batter's dropped bat. Is this interference?      NO! Ball is alive and in play.



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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