1946-49 Sports Exchange W603

   112 card set.

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1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - A'S

 Jimmy Foxx

 Sam Chapman

 Buddy Rosar


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - BRAVES

 Tommy Holmes

 Johnny Sain

 Phil Masi

 Warren Spahn


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - BROWNS

 Mark Christman

 Elbie Fletcher

 Jeff Heath

 George McQuinn

 Bob Muncrief

 Vern Stephens


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - CARDINALS

 Harry Brecheen

 Edwin Dyer

 Walker Cooper

 George Kurowski

 Marty Marion

 Bill Hallahan

 Rogers Hornsby

 John Hopp

 Stan Musial

 Fred 'Dixie' Walker

 Howie Pollet

 George Munger

 Enos Slaughter

 William Southworth

 Harry "Little Dixie" Walker

 St.Louis Cardinals - 1946


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - CUBS

 Phil Cavaretta

 Charlie Grimm

 Andy Pafko

 Hack Wilson


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - DODGERS

 Hugh Casey

 Bruce Edwards

 William Herman

 Carl Furillo

 Pee Wee Reese

 Augie Galan

 Kirby Higbe

 Berthold Haas

 Ed Stanky

 Harry Lavagetto

 Harold Reiser

 Vic Lombardi


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - GIANTS

 Frank Frisch

 Travis Jackson

 Lefty O'Doul

 John Mize

 Carl Hubbell

 Mickey Witek


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - INDIANS

 Ewell Blackwell

  Gene Bearden -  Dale Mitchell

 Lou Boudreau

 Bob Feller

 Bass Fleming


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - PHILLIES

 Del Ennis

 Herb Pennock


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - PIRATES

 Truett 'Rip' Sewell

 Ralph Kiner

 Luke Sewell

 Hans Wagner


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - RED SOX

 Bob Doerr

 Dom DiMaggio

 Dave Ferriss

 Lefty Grove

 Tex Hughson

 Johnny Pesky

 Ted Williams

 Boston Red Sox - 1946


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - REDS

 Jimmy Outlaw

 Ray Mueller

 Ray Lamanno


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - SENATORS

 Nick Altrock

 George Case

 Jake Early

 Al Evans

 John Kelly Lewis

 Cecil Travis


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - TIGERS

 John 'Al' Benton

 Lu Blue

 Hank Greenberg

 Steve O'Neil

 Hal Newhouser

 Dick Wakefield

 Dizzy Trout


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - WHITE SOX

 Ted Lyons


 1946-49 Sports Exchange W603 - YANKEES

 Bill Dickey

 Floyd Bevens

 Spud Chandler

 Lou Gehrig

 Earle Combs

 Joe DiMaggio

 Joe Gordon

 John Lindell

 Phil Rizzuto

 Tommy Henrich

 Bill Johnson

 Joe Page

 Babe Ruth

 Aaron Robinson


 Not included in team sets

 Ralph Branca Dodgers - Ken Keltner Indians

 Mickey Cochrane Tigers - Bob Dillinger Browns

 Zach Taylor Dodgers - Sibbi Sisti Braves

 Dizzy Dean Cardinals - Edwin Joost A's

 Steve Gromek Indians - Earl Torgeson Braves

 Joe Jackson White Sox - Wally Westlake Pirates

 Jim Hegan Indians - Mickey Vernon Senators 

 Larry Jansen Giants - Yogi Berra Yankees

 Bob Lemon Indians - Red Rolfe Yankees

 Harry Lowrey Cubs - Heinie Manush Senators

 Billy Meyer Pirates - Ben Chapman Dodgers




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.

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