1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards  

    54 Card set

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1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards - YANKEES

 Babe Ruth - Joe Dimaggio

 Joe Dimaggio - Babe Ruth


 1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards - BOXING 

 Jack Dempsey - Joe Louis

 Joe Louis - Jack Dempsey


 1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards - FOOTBALL

 Bernie Bierman - Knute Rockne

 Knute Rockne - Bernie Bierman

 Red Grange - Tom Harmon

 Tom Harmon - Red Grange


 1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards - GOLF

 Byron Nelson - Walter Hagen

 Walter Hagen - Byron Nelson


 1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards - TENNIS

 Don Budge - Wm. T. Tilden

 Wm. T. Tilden - Don Budge


 1945 Leistier Autographs Playing Cards  

 Grace Moore - Lily Pons

 Lily Pons - Grace Moore

 H.V. Kaltenborn - Lowell Thomas

 Lowell Thomas - H.V. Kaltenborn

 John C. Thomas - Lauritz Melchoir

 Lauritz Melchoir - John C. Thomas

 Kate Smith - Dinah Shore

 Dinah Shore - Kate Smith

 Clark Gable - Gary Cooper

 Gary Cooper - Clark Gable

 Bob Hope - Jack Benny

 Jack Benny - Bob Hope

 Frank Sinatra - Bing Crosby

 Bing Crosby - Frank Sinatra

 Claudette Colbert - Dorothy Lamour

 Dorothy Lamour - Claudette Colbert

 Irving Berlin - Jerome Kern

 Jerome Kern - Irving Berlin

 Arturo Toscanini - Walter Damrosch

 Walter Damrosch - Arturo Toscanini

 Paul Whiteman - Kay Kyser

 Kay Kyser - Paul Whiteman

 Irvin S. Cobb - Bob Benchley

 Bob Benchley - Irvin S. Cobb

 F.D. Roosevelt - Thomas E. Dewey

 Thomas E. Dewey - F.D. Roosevelt

 Douglas Macarthur - Dwight David Eisenhower

 Dwight David Eisenhower - Douglas Macarthur

 Fanny Brice - Joan Davis

 Joan Davis - Fanny Brice

 Katherine Cornell - Helen Hayes

 Helen Hayes - Katherine Cornell

 Ernie Pyle - Westbrook Pegler

 Westbrook Pegler - Ernie Pyle

 Wm. Green - John L. Lewis

 John L. Lewis - Wm. Green

 Ted Husing - Bill Stern

 Bill Stern - Ted Husing

 Roy Rogers - Gene Autry

 Gene Autry - Roy Rogers

 Sgt. Edwin A. Rowlands

 Rules For The Game



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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