1936 R312 Color Tint

         50 card set. 

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 1936 R312 Color Tints - A'S

  Lefty Grove, Connie Mack 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - BROWNS

  Ollie Bejma, Rolly Hemsley 

  Rogers Hornsby 

  Rogers Hornsby, Allen Sothoron


 1936 R312 Color Tints - CARDINALS

  Rip Collins 

  Pepper Martin 

  Johnny Mize 

  Bud Parmelee 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - CUBS

  Cubs Dugout - Phil Cavaretta, Frank Demaree, Augie Galan, Stan Hack, Gabby Hartnett, Billy Herman, Billy Jurges, Chuck Klein, Fred Lindstrom 

  Phil Cavaretta, Stan Hack, Billy Herman, Billy Jurges 

  Gabby Hartnett, Lonnie Warneke 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - DODGERS

  Frenchy Bordagaray, George Earnshaw 

  Casey Stengel 

  Van L. Mungo 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - INDIANS

  John Thomas Allen 

  Mel Harder 

  Bill Sullivan 

  Ralph Winegarner 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - PHILLIES

  Dolph Camilli 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - PIRATES

  Cy Blanton 

  Mace Brown 

  Al Lopez 

  Bill Swift 

  Floyd Vaughan, Hans Wagner 

  Lloyd Waner, Paul. Waner, Big Jim Weaver 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - REDS

  Kiki Cuyler 

  Kiki Cuyler, Tris Speaker, Danny Taylor 

  "Chas." Dressen 

  Benny Frey 

  Ernie Lombardi 

  Eugene Schott 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - SENATORS

  Cliff Bolton, Earl Whitehill 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - TIGERS

  Gordon Cochrane 

  Alvin Crowder 

  Pete Fox, Goose Goslin, "Jo Jo" White 

  Hank Greenberg 

  Schoolboy Rowe 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - WHITE SOX

  Muel Haas, Mike Kreevich, Dixie Walker 


 1936 R312 Color Tints - YANKEES

  Bill Dickey 

  Joe DiMaggio 

  Lefty Gomez, Myril Hoag 

  Red "Chas" Ruffing 


 Not included in team sets

  Nick Altrock, Al Schacht "Clowing on the Diamond"

  Les Bell Giants, Zeke Bonura Cardinals

  Jim Collins Cardinals, Stan Hack Cubs

  Joe Cronin Red Sox, Bucky Harris Senators

  Rick Ferrell Red Sox, Russ Van Atta Browns

  Jimmie Foxx Red Sox, Luke Sewell Indians

  Augie Galan Cubs, "Pie" Traynor Pirates

  Gabby Hartnett Cubs, Mickey Cochrane Tigers, Frank Demaree Cubs and Ernie Quigley Umpire




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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