1933 Worch Cigar Minors

    85 card set.

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  1933 Worch Cigar Minors

 Buzz Arlett

 Dave Bancroft - With background

 Dave Bancroft - Without background

 Clyde Beck

 Rube Benton - Throwing

 Otto Bluege

 Bob Boken

 Dudley Bramon

 James Brown

 Donie Bush - Printed name

 Donie Bush - In business suit

 Spurgeon Chandler

 Tiny Chaplin

 Gowell Claset

 Andy Cohen - Fielding

 Bob Coleman MG

 Nick Cullop

 Robert Fenner

 Lou Fetter

 Bob Fothergill

 Fabian Gaffke

 Denny Galehouse

 Babe Ganzel - Batting with background 

 Babe Ganzel - Batting without background 

 Lou Garland

 Johnny Gill

 Joe Glenn

 Berley Grimes

 Pinky Hargrave

 Bryan Harriss

 Spencer Harris - Batting

 Joe Hauser - Batting

 Joe Hauser - Not batting

 Butch Henline

 Phil Hensick - Throwing

 Walter Hilcher

 Jess Hill

 Robert Holland

 Harry Holsclaw

 Meredith Hopkins

 Irvine Jeffries

 Spike Hunter

 Monk Joyner

 Ralph Judd

 Ray Kolp

 Eddie Leishman


 Chuck Morrow

 Emmett McCann

 Marty McManus

 Bill McWilliams

 Howard Mills

 Joe Mowry - Batting 

 Leslie Munns

 Floyd Newkirk

 Leo Norris

 Ben Paschal

 Bill Perrin

 Jess Petty - Throwing, outfield wall visible

 Jess Petty - Throwing, clear background

 Ray Radcliff

 Joe Rezotko

 John Rigney

 Lawrence Rosenthal

 Art Ruble - Batting with background 

 Art Ruble - Batting without background 

 Ivy Shiver

 Ernie Smith - Batting with background 

 Ernie Smith - Batting without background 

 Ray Starr

 Lee Stine

 Monty Stratton

 Steve Sundra

 Walt Tauscher

 Miles Thomas

 Phil Todt

 Gene Trow

 Russell Vanatta

 Hy VanDenberg - Pitching, clear background

 Hy Vandenburg - Pitching, wall visible

 Elam Vangilder - Pitching

 Jack Warner


 A.B. Wright

 Russ Young



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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