1933 Worch Cigar

    161 card set.

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  1933 Worch Cigar - Philadelphia Athletics  

 Max Bishop

 Mickey Cochrane

 Rodger Cramer - Roger 

 George Earnshaw

 James Foxx

 Frank Higgins

 Connie Mack

 George Walberg


  1933 Worch Cigar - Boston Braves  

 Huck Betts

 Fred Frankhouse

 Robt. Grove

 Shanty Hogan

 Wm. McKechnie

 Joe Mowry

 William Urbanski


  1933 Worch Cigar - St. Louis Browns

 Sam West


  1933 Worch Cigar - St. Louis Cardinals  

 Tex Carleton

 Ripper Collins

 Pat Crawford

 Dizzy Dean

 Leo Durocher

 Frank Frisch

 Jess Haines

 Bill Hallahan

 Rogers Hornsby

 Pepper Martin

 Joe Medwick

 Bob O'Farrell

 Ernie Orsatti

 Gabby Street

 Dazzy Vance

 Bill Walker

 George Watkins

 Jimmy Wilson


  1933 Worch Cigar - Chicago Cubs  

 Donie Bush

 KiKi Cuyler

 Woody English

 Grimes The Lord Of Burleigh - Burleigh Grimes 

 Charlie Grimm

 Gabby Hartnett - Large Projection 

 Gabby Hartnett - Small Projection 

 Babe Herman

 Bill Herman

 Charles Klein - Chicago, N.L. 

 Riggs Stephenson

 Dan Taylor

 Lon Warneke


  1933 Worch Cigar - Brooklyn Dodgers

 Max Carey - Brooklyn 

 Max Carey - No Team Designation 

 Tony Cuccinello - Blank Background 

 Tony Cuccinello - Photo Background 

 Harvey Hendrick

 Al Lopez

 Van Mungo

 Wilfred Ryan

 Casey Stengel

 Hack Wilson


  1933 Worch Cigar - New York Giants  

 Herman Bell

 Hugh Critz

 Geo. Davis

 Fred Fitzsimmons

 Carl Hubbell

 Travis Jackson

 Sam Leslie

 Adolfo Luque

 Gus Mancuso

 Jim Mooney

 Joe Moore

 Lefty O'Doul

 Melvin Ott

 Roy Parmelee

 Homer Peel

 Paul Richards

 Blondy Ryan

 Hal Schumacher

 Bill Terry

 Johnny Vergez


  1933 Worch Cigar - Cleveland Indians

 Earl Averill - Cleveland 

 Earl Averill - No Team Designation 

 Clint Brown

 Chalmer Cissell

 Wesley Ferrell - Name And Team In Box 

 Wesley Ferrell - No Box 

 Mel Harder

 Oral Hildebrand

 Wm. Kamm

 Roy Spencer


  1933 Worch Cigar - Philadelphia Phillies  

 Richard Bartell

 Charles Klein - Philadelphia, N.L. 

 Al Todd


  1933 Worch Cigar - Pittsburgh Pirates  

 Adam Comorosky

 George Gibson

 Gus Suhr

 Pie Traynor

 Lloyd - Floyd  Vaughan

 Lloyd Waner - Blank Background 

 Lloyd Waner - Photo Background 

 Paul Waner - Blank Background, Large Projection 

 Paul Waner - Blank Background, Small Projection 

 Paul Waner - Photo Background 


  1933 Worch Cigar - Boston Red Sox  

 Dale Alexander

 Ivy Paul Andrews

 Richard Ferrell - Name And Team In Box 

 Richard Ferrell - No Box 

 Hank Johnson

 Smead Jolley


  1933 Worch Cigar - Cincinnati Reds  

 Sparky Adams

 Jim Bottomley

 Estel Crabtree

 George Grantham

 Chic Hafey - Chick 

 Syl Johnson

 Ernie Lombardi

 Red Lucas

 Eppa Rixey


  1933 Worch Cigar - Washington Senators  

 Walter Berger

 Joe Cronin - Name And Team In Box 

 Joe Cronin - No Box 

 Alvin Crowder

 Leon Gaslin - Name Incorrect 

 Leon Goslin - Name Correct 

 Dave Harris

 Wes Kingdon

 Jos. Kuhel

 Henry Manush

 Buddy Myer

 Harry Rice

 Jack Russell

 Fred Schulte

 Luke Sewel - Sewell  - Name And Team In Box 

 Luke Sewel - Sewell  - No Box 

 Walter Stewart

 Monte Weaver

 Earl Whitehill


  1933 Worch Cigar - Detroit Tigers  

 Tom Bridges - Name And Team In Box 

 Tom Bridges - No Box 

 Charles Gehringer

 Ray Hayworth

 Fred Marberry

 John Stone

 Gerald Walker


  1933 Worch Cigar - Chicago White Sox  

 James Dykes

 Lew Fonseca

 Bob Fothergill

 Frank Grube

 George Hass - Haas 

 Dutch Henry

 Ted Lyons

 Al Simmons

 Evar Swanson


  1933 Worch Cigar - New York Yankees

 Ben Chapman

 Earle Combs

 Frank Crosetti

 Wm. Dickey

 Lou Gehrig

 Vernon Gomez

 Tony Lazzeri - Name And Team In Box 

 Tony Lazzeri - No Box 

 George Pipgras

 Charles Ruffing

 Babe Ruth



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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