1927 W560

    64 card set.  Set can be found printed in Red ink, Black ink and a combination of Red and Black ink.

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 1927 W560 - A'S

   Club-4 Max Bishop  

   Club-Jack Al Simmons  

   Club-King Lefty Grove  

   Joker Mickey Cochrane  

   Joker Jimmie Foxx  

   Joker Rube Walberg  


 1927 W560 - BRAVES

   Club-2 Fred McGuire  

   Joker Lester Bell  


 1927 W560 - BROWNS

   Heart-10 Sam Gray  


 1927 W560 - CARDINALS

   Club-5 Jim Bottomley  

   Club-7 Taylor Douthit  

   Club-8 Bill Sherdel  

   Spade-3 Flint Rhem  

   Spade-5 Jim Wilson  

   Spade-10 Jesse Haines  


 1927 W560 - CUBS

   Club-Ace Kiki Cuyler  

   Heart-4 Rogers Hornsby  

   Spade-Jack Guy Bush  


 1927 W560 - DODGERS

   Heart-Ace Watty Clark  

   Heart-7 Babe Herman  

   Spade-6 Dazzy Vance   

   Spade-King Del Bissonette  


 1927 W560 - GIANTS

   Club-Queen Vic Aldridge  

   Diamond-8 Fred Lindstrom  

   Diamond-9 Larry Benton  

   Diamond-King Fred Fitzsimmons  

   Heart-King Andy Cohen  


 1927 W560 - INDIANS

   Diamond-5 George Uhle  

   Heart-5 Luke Sewell  


 1927 W560 - PHILLIES

   Diamond-Jack Cy Williams  

   Spade-8 Thomas Thevenow  

   Spade-9 Fresco Thompson  


 1927 W560 - PIRATES

   Club-9 Remy Kremer  

   Diamond-3 Paul Waner  

   Diamond-Queen Lloyd Waner  

   Spade-Ace Glen Wright  


 1927 W560 - RED SOX

   Club-6 Buddy Myer  


 1927 W560 - REDS

   Heart-2 Hugh Critz  


 1927 W560 - SENATORS

   Club-10 Goose Goslin  

   Spade-2 Walter Johnson  

   Spade-7 Fred Marberry  


 1927 W560 - TIGERS


 1927 W560 - WHITE SOX

   Spade-Queen Johnny Mostil  

   Heart-3 Willie Kamm  


 1927 W560 - YANKEES

   Club-3 Lou Gehrig  

   Heart-Jack Waite Hoyt  

   Spade-4 George Pipgras  

   Joker Henry Johnson  

   Joker Herb Pennock  

   Joker Babe Ruth  


 Not included in team sets

   Diamond-Ace Dutch Loud  (Football)  

   Diamond-2 Chris Cagle  (Football)  

   Diamond-4 Benny Leonard  (Boxer)   

   Diamond-6 Tom Henney  (Wrestler)   

   Diamond-7 Jack Delaney  (Boxer)   

   Diamond-10 D.A. Lowry  (Football)   

   Heart-6 Bruce T. Dumont   (Football)  

   Heart-8 Cl. Chamberlain  (Aviator)

   Heart-9 Al Lassman  (Football)  

   Heart-Queen M.E. Sprague (Football)  

   Joker Richard Byrd  (Explorer)  

   Joker Jack Dempsey  (Boxer)   

   Joker Charles Farrell  (Actor)   

   Joker Charles Lindberg  (Aviator)   

   Joker Ken Strong  (Football)  




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.