1926 Exhibits

  128 card set.

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 1926 Exhibits -  Philadelphia Athletics

 Max Bishop

 Joseph Galloway

 James J. Dykes

 Joseph Hauser

 Edmund(Bind) Miller

 Ralph Perkins

 Edwin Rommel

 Wm. Wambsganss


 1926 Exhibits -  Boston Braves

 Lawrence Benton

 Andrew High

 Maurice Burrus

 David Bancroft

 Joseph Genewich

 Bernie F. Neis

 Edward Taylor

 John Taylor


 1926 Exhibits -  St. Louis Browns

 Wm. Hargrave

 William Jacobson

 Martin McManus

 Oscar Melillo

 Walter Gerber

 George Sissler

 Kenneth Williams

 Ernest Wingard


 1926 Exhibits -  St. Louis Cardinals

 Lester Bell

 Raymond Blates

 James Bottomly

 Rogers Hornsby

 Clarence Mueller

 Robert O'Farrell

 William Sherdell

 George Torporcer


 1926 Exhibits -  Chicago Cubs

 Sparky Adams

 J. Fred Blake

 James E. Cooney

 Howard Freigau

 Charles Grimm

 Leo Hartnett

 C.E. Heathcote

 Joseph M. Munson


 1926 Exhibits -  Brooklyn Dodgers

 John Butler

 Jacques F. Furnier

 Burleigh A.Grimes

 Wilson Fewster

 Douglas McWeeny

 George O'Neil

 Walter Maranville

 Zach Wheat


 1926 Exhibits -  New York Giants

 Edward S. Farrell

 Frank Frisch

 Frank Snyder

 Fredrick Lindstrom

 Hugh A.McQuillan

 Emil Musel

 James J. Ring

 William Terry


 1926 Exhibits -  Cleveland Indians

 Geo.H. Burns HOR

 Walter Lutzke

 Glenn Myatt

 Joseph Sewell

 Sherrod Smith

 Tristram Speaker

 Fred Spurgeon

 Homer Summa


 1926 Exhibits -  Philadelphia Phillies

 John M. Bentley

 Bernard Friberg

 George Harper

 Walter Henline

 Clarence Huber

 John Makan

 John Sand

 Russell Wrigtstone


 1926 Exhibits -  Pittsburgh Pirates

 Carson Bigbee

 Max Carey

 Hazen Cuyler

 George Grantham

 Ray Kremer

 Earl Smith

 Harold Traynor

 Glen Wright


 1926 Exhibits -  Boston Red Sox

 Ira Flagstead

 Fred Haney

 Ramon Herrera

 John Quinn

 Emory Rigney

 Red Ruffing

 Philip Todt

 Fred Wingfield


 1926 Exhibits -  Cincinnati Reds

 Raymond Bressler

 Hugh M. Critz

 Peter Donohue

 Charles Dressen

 Walter C. Pipp

 Eppa Rixey

 Ed. Roush

 Ivy Wingo


 1926 Exhibits -  Washington Senators

 Oswald Bluege

 Stanley Coveleski

 Leon Goslin

 Bucky Harris

 Walter Johnson

 Joseph Judge

 Earl McNeely

 Harold Ruel


 1926 Exhibits -  Detroit Tigers

 John Bassler

 Lucerne Blue

 Tyrus Cobb

 George Dauss

 Harry Heilmann

 Frank O'Rourke

 Charles Gehringer

 John Warner


 1926 Exhibits -  Chicago White Sox

 Ted Blankenship

 Eddie Collins

 Bib Falk

 Wm. Hunnefield

 Willie Kamm

 Ray Shalk (Schalk)

 Earl Sheely

 Hollis Thurston


 1926 Exhibits -  New York Yankees

 Patrick T.Collins

 Earle Combs

 Henry L. Gehrig

 Tony Lazzeri

 Robert W. Muesel

 Babe Ruth

 J. R. Shawkey

 Urban J. Shocker



Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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