1922 W573

143 card set.

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  1922 W573 - A'S 

 Ollie Fuhrman

 Chick Galloway

 Paul Johnson

 Bing Miller

 Roleine Naylor

 Cy Perkins

 Ed Rommel


  1922 W573 - BRAVES 

 Tony Boeckel

 Hod Ford

 Hank Gowdy

 John Watson


  1922 W573 - BROWNS 

 Pat Collins

 Dave Danforth

 Dixie Davis

 Frank Ellerbe

 Wally Gerber

 Marty McManus

 Henry Severeid

 Urban Shocker

 George Sisler

 Jack Tobin

 Ken Williams


  1922 W573 - CARDINALS 

 Eddie Ainsmith

 Verne Clemons

 Bill Doak

 Jacques Fournier

 Jesse Haines

 Cliff Heathcote

 Rogers Hornsby

 Doc Lavan

 Germany Schultz

 Jack Smith

 Specs Toporcer


  1922 W573 - CUBS 

 Vic Aldridge

 Grover C. Alexander

 Turner Barber

 Marty Callaghan

 Virgil Cheeves

 Max Flack

 Charlie Hollocher

 Hack Miller

 Bob O'Farrell


  1922 W573 - DODGERS 

 Hank DeBerry

 Burleigh Grimes

 Clarence Mitchell

 Dutch Ruether

 Ray Schmandt

 Zack Wheat


  1922 W573 - GIANTS 

 Dave Bancroft

 Jesse Barnes

 Bill Cunningham

 Frank Frisch

 Heinie Groh

 Irish Meusel

 Johnny Rawlings

 Ralph Shinners

 Earl Smith

 Ross Youngs


  1922 W573 - INDIANS 

 Jack Graney

 Les Nunamaker

 Steve O'Neill

 Joe Sewell

 Allen Sothoron

 Tris Speaker

 George Uhle


  1922 W573 - PHILLIES 

 Art Fletcher

 Lee Meadows

 Goldie Rapp

 Cotton Tierney

 Cy Williams

 Russell Wrightstone


  1922 W573 - PIRATES 

 Babe Adams

 Carson Bigbee

 Max Carey

 Wilbur Cooper

 Whitey Glazner

 Earl Hamilton

 Rabbit Maranville

 John Morrison

 Walter Schmidt


  1922 W573 - RED SOX 

 Joe Dugan

 Joe Harris

 Benjamin Karr

 Mike Menosky

 Elmer Myers

 Herb Pennock

 Clark Pittenger

 Del Pratt

 Muddy Ruel


  1922 W573 - REDS 

 George H. Burns

 George J. Burns

 Ike Caveney

 Bubbles Hargrave

 Cliff Markle

 Babe Pinelli


  1922 W573 - SENATORS 

 Patsy Gharrity

 Goose Goslin

 Walter Johnson

 Clyde Milan

 Ralph Miller

 George Mogridge

 Thomas Phillips

 Val Picinich

 Earl Smith

 Tom Zachary


  1922 W573 - TIGERS 

 Johnny Bassler

 Lu Blue

 Ty Cobb

 Bert Cole

 George Cutshaw

 Hooks Dauss

 Howard Ehmke

 Ira Flagstead

 Harry Heilmann

 Syl Johnson

 Herman Pillette

 Topper Rigney

 Bobby Veach

 Charles Woodall


  1922 W573 - WHITE SOX 

 Eddie Collins

 Dick Cox

 Red Faber

 Bibb Falk

 Clarence Hodge

 Harry Hooper

 Ernie Johnson

 Dixie Levrette

 Harvey McClellan

 Johnny Mostil

 Charlie Robertson

 Ray Schalk

 Earl Sheely

 Amos Strunk


  1922 W573 - YANKEES 

 Frank Baker

 Al DeVormer

 Waite Hoyt

 Sam Jones

 Carl Mays

 Elmer Miller

 Wally Pipp

 Babe Ruth

 Wally Schang

 Bob Shawkey




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.