1918 Zeenut

    104 card set

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 1918 Zeenut - Los Angeles Angels

 Walter Boles

 Charles Brown

 Claude Cooper

 James Crandall

 Samuel Crawford

 George Ellis

 Paul Fittery

 Jacques Fournier

 Wade Killifer

 Peter Lapan

 Harold Leathers

 Joseph Pepe

 William Pertica

 Alfred Stanbridge

 Zebulon Terry

 Ralph Valencia


 1918 Zeenut - Oakland Oaks

 Alex Arlett

 Eugene Caldera

 Paul Codington

 Ralph Croll

 L. Gardner

 Nelson Hawkes

 William Hollander

 George Howard

 Remy Kremer

 Elmer Leifer

 Elwood Martin

 Edward Mensor

 Robert Middleton

 Lawrence Miller

 Carl Mitze

 Daniel Murray

 Herschel Prough

 George Shader

 Robert Smale


 1918 Zeenut - Sacramento Solons

 Lynn Brenton

 Jack Bromley

 William Camm

 D.K. Davis

 Theodore Easterly

 Ross Eldred

 Carter Elliot

 August Fisher

 Frank Forsythe

 Harry Gardner

 Art Griggs

 Albert Leake

 J.M. McNulty

 Babe Pinelli

 Elton Prentice

 Wilbur Rogers

 James West

 Dennis Wilie


 1918 Zeenut - Salt Lake Bees

 Levi Arkenburg

 Laverne Chappell

 Allen Conwright

 Elmer Cox

 Karl Crandall

 Jean Dubuc

 John Dunn

 Floyd Farmer

 Michael Konnick

 Walter Leverenz

 Timothy McCabe

 Walter McCredie

 Ward Miller

 Harry Morton

 William Orr

 Thomas Quinlan

 John Ryan MG

 John Sand

 Earl Sheely

 Wesley Siglin

 Wallace Smith


 1918 Zeenut - San Francisco Seals

 Charles Baum

 Clarence Brooks

 Victor Dobbs

 Jerome Downs

 Jack Goldie

 John Hummel

 Herbert Hunter

 George Johnson

 George Johnson

 Erving Kantlehner

 Philip Koerner

 William Llewlyn

 Raymond McKee

 Francis O'Doul

 Andrew Phillips

 Charles Pick

 Peter Ritchie

 Luther Smith

 David Williams


 1918 Zeenut - Vernon Tigers 

 John Alcock

 William Borton

 Albert DeVormer

 Chester Chadbourne

 William Essick

 Arthur Fromme

 Franz Hosp

 John Mitchell

 Roy Mitchell

 Henry Moore

 George Wisterzill




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.