1915 W-unc Strip Cards 

   27 cards known to exit at this time.  

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1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Philadelphia Athletics

  "Napolean" Lajoie 

  Eddie Plank 

  Phila. Athletic Winners 

  Phila. Athletics, Champs   


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" -  Boston Braves

  Walter (Rabbit) Maranville


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - St. Louis Browns


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - St. Louis Cardinals


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Chicago Cubs

  Johnny Evers   

  Heinie Zimmerman 


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - New York Giants

  Larry Doyle   

  Fred Maisel   

  Rube Marquard   

  Christy Mathewson - Hands at Chest

  Christy Mathewson - Hands above head

  "Demon" Dave Robertson 

  Jim Thorpe 


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Cleveland Indians


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Philadelphia Phillies

  Sherwood Magee  


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Pittsburgh Pirates

  Hans Wagner   


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Boston Red Sox

  Jake Stahl 

  Joe Wood   


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Cincinnati Reds

  Hans Lobert 


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Brooklyn Robins

  Jake Daubert 

  Catcher Irwin (Tex Erwin)

  Nap Rucker   


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Washington Senators

  Walter Johnson   


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Detroit Tigers

  Ty Cobb   

  Sam Crawford 


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - Chicago White Sox

  Joe Jackson   


 1915 W-unc "Strip Cards" - New York Yankees


 Not Included in Team Sets

  Ready for the Wallop   




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