1911 T332 Helmar Stamps

180 card set.

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1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Boston Red Sox

 Bill Carrigan

 Ed Cicotte

 Clyde Engle

 Tris Speaker

 Heinie Wagner

 Cy Young


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Boston Rustlers

 Al Bridwell

 Hank Gowdy

 Johnny Kling

 Al Mattern

 Bill Sweeney


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Brooklyn Dodgers

 John Hummel

 Cy Barger

 George Bell

 Bill Dahlen

 Jake Daubert

 Tex Erwin

 Nap Rucker

 Zach Wheat


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Chicago Cubs

 Jimmy Archer

 Mordecai Brown

 Frank Chance

 King Cole

 Johnny Evers

 Peaches Graham

 Solly Hoffman (Hofman)

 Ed Lennox

 Harry McIntire

 Tom Needham

 Ed Reulbach

 Lew Richie

 Reggie Richter

 Jack Rowan

 Wildfire Schulte

 Dave Shean

 Jimmy Sheckard

 Joe Tinker

 Fred Toney


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Chicago White Sox

 Bruno Block

 Ping Bodie

 Nixey Callahan

 Shano Collins

 Patsy Dougherty

 Harry Lord

 Amby McConnell

 Matty McIntyre

 Fred Parent

 Jim Scott

 Billy Sullivan

 Lee Tannehill

 Ed Walsh

 Doc White

 Irv Young


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Cincinnati Reds

 Johnny Bates

 Art Fromme

 Bob Bescher

 Bill Burns

 Tommy Clarke

 Harry Gaspar

 Eddie Grant

 Dick Hoblitzell

 Larry McLean

 Mike Mitchell

 George Suggs


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Cleveland Naps

 Neal Ball

 Joe Birmingham

 Harry Davis

 Nap Lajoie

 Paddy Livingston

 Terry Turner


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Detroit Tigers

 Donie Bush

 Ty Cobb

 Sam Crawford

 Jim Delahanty

 Wild Bill Donovan

 Hughie Jennings

 Davy Jones

 George Moriarty

 George Mullin

 Boss Schmidt

 Oscar Stanage

 Ed Willett


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - New York Giants

 John McGraw

 Art Devlin

 Josh Devore

 Red Ames

 Beals Becker

 Doc Crandall

 Larry Doyle

 Louis Drucke

 Art Fletcher

 Grover Hartley

 Buck Herzog

 Rube Marquard

 Christy Mathewson

 Fred Merkle

 Chief Meyers

 Red Murray

 Tillie Shafer

 Fred Snodgrass

 Art Wilson

 Hooks Wiltse


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - New York Highlanders

 Lew Brockett

 Hal Chase

 Birdie Cree

 Ray Fisher

 Russ Ford

 Earl Gardner

 Jack Quinn

 Gabby Street

 Jeff Sweeney

 Hippo Vaughn

 Jack Warhop

 Harry Wolter

 Harry Wolverton


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Philadelphia Athletics

 Eddie Collins

 Rube Oldring

 Home Run Baker

 Jack Barry

 Chief Bender

 Harry Krause

 Danny Murphy

 Ira Thomas


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Philadelphia Phillies

 Fred Beck

 Red Dooin

 Mickey Doolan

 Tom Downey

 Otto Knabe

 Hans Lobert

 Fred Luderus

 Sherry Magee

 Earl Moore

 Pat Moran

 Dode Paskert

 Doc Scanlan

 John Titus


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Pittsburgh Pirates

 Babe Adams

 Bobby Byrne

 Howie Camnitz

 Max Carey

 Fred Clarke

 Mike Donlin

 Jack Ferry

 George Gibson

 Tommy Leach

 Lefty Leifield

 Dots Miller

 Marty O'Toole

 Mike Simon

 Owen Wilson


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - St. Louis Browns

 Jimmy Austin

 Joe Lake

 Frank Laporte

 Barney Pelty

 Jack Powell

 Harry Stovall

 Bobby Wallace


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - St. Louis Cardinals

 Ed Konetchy

 Rebel Oakes

 John Bliss

 Roger Bresnahan

 Steve Evans

 Roy Golden

 Bob Harmon

 Arnold Hauser

 Miller Huggins

 Mike Mowrey

 Eddie Phelps

 Slim Sallee

 Bill Steele


 1911   T332   Helmar Stamps - Washington Senators

 Wid Conroy

 Dolly Gray

 Clark Griffith

 Bob Groom

 Long Tom Hughes

 Walter Johnson

 Jack Knight

 George McBride

 Clyde Milan

 Germany Schaefer




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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