1910 Ploy Boy Tobacco

 45 card set.  The set was reprint in 1992 but Cole, Howard, miller Davis, Tannehill and Bodie were not in the set. 

Included in the reprint set but not the original are Johnny Evers, Solly Hoofman, and Tom Needham.

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1910 PlowBoy Tobacco - CUBS

Jimmy Archer

Ginger Beaumont

Mordecai Brown

Al Carson

Frank Chance

King Cole

George Howard

Johnny Kling

Rube Kroh

Fred Luderus

Harry McIntyre

Ward Miller

Orvie Overall

Jeff Pfeffer

Jeff Pfeister

Ed Reulbach

Lew Richie

Frank Schulte

Jimmy Sheckard

Harry Steinfeldt

Joe Tinker

Heinie Zimmerman


 1910 PlowBoy Tobacco - WHITE SOX

Shano Collins

Lena Blackburne

Bruno Block

Ping Bodie

Eddie Cicotte

George Davis

Patsy Dougherty

Chick Gandil

Ed Hahn

Frank Lange

Charlie Mullen

Fred Olmstead

Fred Parent

Fred Payne

Billy Purtell

Jim Scott

Frank Smith

Billy Sullivan

Lee Tannehill

Ed Walsh

Doc White

Irv Young

Rollie Zeider 


Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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