1909 S74-1 Silks (White)

92 Silks set.

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 1909 S74-1 Silks - A'S

 Home Run Baker

 Jack Barry

 Chief Bender

 Eddie Collins

 Jimmy Dygert

 Topsy Hartsel

 Harry Krause

 Danny Murphy

 Rube Oldring


 1909 S74-1 Silks - BROWNS

 Barney Pelty

 George Stone

 Bobby Wallace


 1909 S74-1 Silks - CARDINALS

 Roger Bresnahan

 Steve Evans

 Arnold Hauser

 Ed Konetchy

 Rebel Oakes


 1909 S74-1 Silks - CUBS

 Mordecai Brown

 Frank Chance

 Johnny Evers

 Bill Foxen

 Peaches Graham

 Henry McIntire

 Tom Needham

 Orval Overall

 Ed Reulbach

 Wildfire Schulte

 Jimmy Sheckard

 Harry Steinfeldt

 Joe Tinker


 1909 S74-1 Silks - GIANTS

 Beals Becker

 Al Bridwell

 Doc Crandall

 Art Devlin

 Larry Doyle

 Art Fletcher

 Ruge Marquard

 Christy Mathewson

 John McGraw

 Fred Merkle

 Chief Meyers

 Red Murray

 Bugs Raymond

 Geo. Schlei

 Fred Snodgrass


 1909 S74-1 Silks - NAPS

 Terry Turner


 1909 S74-1 Silks - PHILLIES

 Johnny Bates

 Red Dooin

 Mickey Doolan

 Bob Ewing

 John Titus


 1909 S74-1 Silks - PIRATES

 Bobby Byrne

 Howie Camnitz

 Fred Clarke

 John Flynn

 George Gibson

 Tommy Leach

 Dots Miller

 Deacon Phillippe

 Art Wilson


 1909 S74-1 Silks - RED SOX

 Bill Carrigan

 Tris Speaker


 1909 S74-1 Silks - REDS

 Clark Griffith


 1909 S74-1 Silks - RUSTLERS

 Fred Beck

 Peaches Graham

 Al Mattern

 Dave Shean

 Harry Smith

 Harry Steinfeldt


 1909 S74-1 Silks - SENATORS

 Kid Elberfield 

 Germany Schaefer

 Gabby Street


 1909 S74-1 Silks - SUPERBAS

 Cy Barger

 George Bell

 Doc Scanlon

 Tony Smith


 1909 S74-1 Silks - TIGERS

 Ty Cobb

 Jim Delahanty

 Davy Jones

 Ed Summers

 Ed Willett


 1909 S74-1 Silks - WHITE SOX

 Amby McConnell

 Fred Parent

 Fred Payne

 Lee Tannehill

 Doc White


 1909 S74-1 Silks - YANKEES

 Hal Chase

 Lou Criger

 Charlie Hemphill

 Jack Knight

 Jack Quinn

 Harry Wolter


Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.