1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403

52 card set.  Issued by August Beck Co

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1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - Boston Beaneaters

 John Clarkson Portrait

 John Clarkson Throwing

 Mike King Kelly

 Kid Madden

 John Morrill

 Bill Nash

 Bill Sowders

 Ezra Sutton


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - BROOKLYN American Association

 Ed Greer


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - Chicago White Stockings

 Cap Anson

 Tommy Burns

 Tommy Burns

 Tom Daly

 Mike Dorgan

 Silver Flint

 Gus Krock

 Jimmy Ryan

 Marty Sullivan

 George Van Haltren


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - Detroit Wolverines

 Lady Baldwin

 Dan Brouthers

 Charlie Getzien


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - Indianapolis Hoosiers

 Dude Easterbrook

 Jack Glasscock

 James (Chief) Roseman


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - New York Giants

 Bill Brown

 Roger Connor

 Larry Corcoran

 Buck Ewing

 Joe Gerhardt

 Pete Gillespie

 George Gore

 Tim Keefe

 James Mutrie

 Jim O'Rourke Portrait

 Jim O'Rourke w/ Bat

 Danny Richardson

 Mike Tiernan

 John Montgomery Ward

 Mickey Welch Portrait

 Mickey Welch Pitching hands at waist

 Mickey Welch Rigth Arm Extended

 Jim Whitney


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - Philadelphia Philllies

 Charlie Buffington

 George Wood


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - Pittsburgh Alleghenys

 John Coleman

 Pud Galvin

 George Miller

 A Billy Sunday - Fielding

 B Billy Sunday - Photo of Mark Baldwin


 1888 Yum Yum Tobacco N403 - WASHINGTON SENATORS

 Tom Deasley

 Connie Mack




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.