1887 Gypsy Queen N175

181 card set. 

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1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - Boston Beaneaters

 Jack Burdock

 Dick Conway

 Joe Hornung

 Dick Johnston - Catching

 Dick Johnston - Batting

 King Kelly - Large W/ Bat

 King Kelly - Fielding

 King Kelly - Portrait

 King Kelly - W/ Bat

 Billy Nash

 Old Hoss Radbourne

 Cannonball Stemmyer - Bb In Hand

 Cannonball Stemmyer - W/ Bat

 Ezra Sutton - Fielding

 Ezra Sutton - Throwing

 Ezra Sutton - W/ Bat

 Pop Tate

 Sam Wise


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - BROOKLYN American Association

 Ernest Burch

 Ed Greer

 Harkins - Hands Above Waist

 Harkins - Throwing

 Bill Mcclellan

 Jim Mctamany

 Jack O'brien

 Jimmy Peeples

 George Pinkney

 Henry Porter

 Ed Swartwood

 Stephen Toole


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - Chicago White Stockings

 Fido Baldwin

 Del Darling

 Emil Geiss - Hands @ Waist

 Emil Geiss - Right Arm Extended

 Fred Pfeffer

 Jimmy Ryan

 Ned Williamson


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - Detroit Wolverines

 Dan Brouthers - Looking @ Bb

 Dan Brouthers - Looking To Right

 Ned Hanlon - Catching

 Ned Hanlon - W/ Bat

 Hardy Richardson

 Jack Rowe

 Sam Thompson - Arms Folded

 Sam Thompson - W/ Bat

 Sam Thompson -  Swingin

 Larry Twitchell - Hands @ Chest

 Larry Twitchell - Right Hand Extended

 Bill Watkins


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - Indianapolis Hoosiers

 Tug Arundel



 Patsy Cahill

 Larry Corcoran

 Jerry Denny - Large W/ Bat

 Jerry Denny - Catching

 Jerry Denny - W. Bat

 Jack Glasscock - Throwing

 Jack Glasscock - W/ Bat

 Jack Glasscock - Hands On Knees


 Jack Mcgeachy - Fielding

 Jack Mcgeachy - Batting

 George Myers - Stooping

 George Myers - W/ Bat

 Emmett Seery - Arms Folded

 Emmett Seery - Bb In Hand

 Emmett Seery - Catching

 Otto Shomberg

 James Burns


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - New York Giants

 Wilard Brown - Throwing

 Wilard Brown - Behind Mask

 Roger Connor - Bat @ 45

 Roger Connor - Hands On Knees

 Mike Dorgan

 Buck Ewing - Large Catching Bb

 Buck Ewing - Bat @ 45

 Buck Ewing - Catching Bb

 Buck Ewing - Fielding Grounder

 Pete Gillespie - Fielding

 Pete Gillespie - Batting

 Gore - Fielding

 Gore - Hand At Head

 Tim Keefe - Large Ball In Hands @ Chest

 Tim Keefe & Danny Richardson - Sliding

 Tim Keefe - Ball In Hands @ Chest

 Tim Keefe - Hands Above Waist

 Tim Keefe - Right Hand Extended

 Tim Keefe - W/ Bat

 Mike Mattimore - Hands Above Head

 Mike Mattimore - Hands @ Neeck

 Mike Mattimore - Sliding

 Jim O'rourke - Fielding

 Jim O'rourke - W/ Bat

 Danny Richardson - Large Bat @ 45

 Danny Richardson - Bat @ 45

 Danny Richardson - Arms @ Side

 John Roach

 Mike Tiernan - Fielding Grounder

 Mike Tiernan - Large Fielding Popup

 Monty Ward - Large

 Monty Ward


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - Philadelphia Philllies

 Charles Buffinton

 Dan Casey - Hands @ Checst

 Dan Casey - Left Arm Extended

 Jack Clements - Bat

 Jack Clements - Hands On Knees

 Edward Dailey

 Charlie Ferguson - Hands On Chest

 Charlie Ferguson - Right Arm Extended

 Charlie Ferguson - Taggin Runner

 Charlie Ferguson - W/ Bat

 Jim Fogarty - Bat On Shoulder

 Jim Fogarty - Catching Bb

 Tom Gunning - Fielding

 Tom Gunning- Hands On Knees

 Arthur Irwin - Batting

 Arthur Irwin - Fielding

 Tommy Mccarthy - Catching

 Tommy Mccarthy - Sliding

 Tommy Mccarthy - W/ Bat

 Deacon Mcguire - Batting

 Deacon Mcguire - Catching

 Joseph Mulvey

 George Wood - Batting

 George Wood - Throwing


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - Pittsburgh Alleghenys

 Samuel Barkley - Fielding

 Samuel Barkley - Tagging Player

 Samuel Barkley - Throwing

 Thomas Brown - W/ Bat

 Thomas Brown  - Catching

 Fred Carroll

 John Coleman

 Abner Dalrymple

 Jacko Fields - Catching

 Jacko Fields - Tagging Runner

 Jacko Fields - Throwing

 Pud Galvin W/ Bat

 Pud Galvin W/O Bat

 Jim Mccormick - Hands On Chest

 Jim Mccormick - W/ Bat

 Alex Mckinnon

 Doggie Miller

 Pop Smith

 Art Whitney - W/ Bat

 Art Whitney - Bending


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - ST LOUIS BROWNS

 Bob Caruthers

 Commy Comiskey

 Dave Foutz


 Nat Hudson

 Rudy Kemmler

 Arlie Latham

 Nick Nicol

 Tip O'neill

 Yank Robinson

 Christian Von Der Ahe

 Curt Welch

 Doc Bushong


 1887 Gypsy Queen N175 - WASHINGTOIN SENATORS

 Samuel Crane - Fielding

 Samuel Crane - Batting

 Tom Dealsey - Bat @ Side

 Tom Dealsey - Bat On Shoulder

 Jim Donnelly

 Jack Farrell - Bat @ Side

 Jack Farrell - Bat In Air

 Jack Farrell - Fielding

 Jack Farrell - Hands On Thighs

 John Gaffney

 Barney Gilligan

 Paul Hines

 Bill Krieg - Fielding

 Bill Krieg - W/ Bat

 John Morrill

 Al Myers - W/ Bat

 Al Myers - Hands On Knees

 Al Myers - Portrait

 Hank O'day - Ball In Hand

 Hank O'day - W/ Bat

 George Shoch

 Jim Whitney





Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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