1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284

143 card set. 

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  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - BALTIMORE American Association

  Oyster Burns 

  Chris Fulmer

  Matt Kilroy

  Blondie Purcell


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - Boston Beaneaters 

  Jack Burdock

  Con Daley

  Joe Hornung

  Dick Johnston

  King Kelly - right field

  King Kelly - catcher

  John Morrill - Hands outstretched

  John Morrill - Hands at neck

  Old Hoss Radbourn - Hands at chest

  Old Hoss Radbourn - Hands above waist

  Ezra Sutton

  Medoc Wise


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - BROOKLYN American Association

  Bill McClellan

  Jimmy Peoples

  Bill Phillips

  Henry Porter


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - Chicago White Stockings 

  Cap Anson - Hands outstretched

  Cap Anson - left hand on hip

  Tom Burns 

  John Clarkson - ball at chest

  John Clarkson - arm outstretched

  Silver Flint

  Fred Pfeffer

  Jimmy Ryan

  Marty Sullivan - Left Fielder

  Billy Sunday

  Ned Williamson - fielding grounder

  Ned Williamson - Hands at chest


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - Detroit Wolverines 

  Charlie Bennett

  Dan Brouthers - Hands outstretched

  Dan Brouthers - with bat

  Sure Shot Dunlap

  Charlie Getzein

  Ned Hanlon

  Jimmy Manning

  Hardy Richardson - Hands at right shoulder

  Hardy Richardson - Hands above head

  Sam Thompson - Hand at belt

  Sam Thompson - Hand chest high

  Deacon White


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - Indianapolis Hoosiers 

  Tug Arundel

  Henry Boyle

  Tom Cahill

  Jerry Denny - Hands on knees

  Jerry Denny - Hands on thighs

  Jack Glasscock - fielding grounder

  Jack Glasscock - Hands on knees

  Egyptian Healy

  Jack McGeachy

  George Meyers

  Mark Polhemus

  Emmett Seery - Hands at right shoulder

  Emmett Seery - Hands outstretched

  Otto Shomberg


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - LACROSSE Northwestern League




  George Rooks


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - METS American Association

  Ed Cushmann

  Jim Donohue

  Dude Esterbrook

  Joe Gerhardt

  Frank Hankinson

  Candy Nelson

  Dave Orr

  Chief Rosemann


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - MILWAUKEE Northwestern League

  Tom Forster


  Tom Morrissy

  Joe Strauss


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - New York Giants 

  Roger Connor - Hands outstretched

  Roger Connor - Hands outstretched, face level

  Pat Deasley 

  Mike Dorgan - right field

  Mike Dorgan - batter

  Buck Ewing - ready to tag

  Buck Ewing - Hands at neck

  Pete Gillespie - left field

  Pete Gillespie - batter

  Piano Legs Gore

  Tim Keefe - right arm outstretched

  Tim Keefe - arm outstretched

  Jim O'Rourke - Hands cupped

  Jim O'Rourke - Hands on thighs

  Danny Richardson - Hands at knees

  Danny Richardson - Foot on base

  John Montgomery Ward - Fielding grounder

  John Montgomery Ward - Hands by knee

  John Montgomery Ward - Hands on knees


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - Philadelphia Philllies 

  Ed Andrews - Hands at neck

  Ed Andrews - Hands waist high

  Charley Bassett

  Charlie Bastian

  Dan Casey

  Jack Clements

  Sid Farrar

  Charlie Ferguson

  Jim Fogerty

  Cutrate Irwin

  Joe Mulvey - Hands on knees

  Joe Mulvey - Hands above head

  Dandy Wood - Hands at right shoulder

  Dandy Wood - stealing base


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - Pittsburgh Alleghenys 

  Sam Barkley 

  Ed Beecher

  Tom Brown

  Fred Carroll 

  John Coleman

  Jim McCormick

  Doggie Miller

  Pap Smith

  Art Whitney 


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - ST LOUIS BROWNS

  Sam Barkley

  Doc Bushong

  Bob Carruthers

  Charles Comiskey

  Dave Foutz

  Will Gleason

  Arlie Latham

  Jumbo McGinnis

  Nick Nichol

  Tip O'Neil

  Yank Robinson

  Danny Sullivan - Batter

  Chris von der Ahe

  Curt Welch


  1887 Buchner Gold Coins N284 - WASHINGTOIN SENATORS

  Cliff Carroll 

  Sam Craig

  Sam Crane

  Ed Dailey

  Jim Donnelly 

  Jack Farrell - ready to tag

  Jack Farrell - Hands at knees

  Barney Gilligan

  Paul Hines - center field

  Paul Hines - batter

  Al Myers

  Billy O'Brien

  Grasshopper Whitney




Any questions I can be e-mailed at teamsets4u@aol.com

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All checklist are to be used as guidelines most were made by me when I sorted the sets but I am human so if you find any mistakes please let me know.