1859 – 1891 Harper’s Woodcuts

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10/15/1859    A Base-Ball Match at The Elysian Fields, Hoboken

3/23/1861      Abner Doubleday is in a picture of soldiers at Fort Sumter

11/18/1865    BB Match between Athletics and Atlantics

11/25/1865    Champion Nine Atlantic BBC of Brooklyn

11/3/1866      Brooklyn Atlantics vs Phil. Athletics / Champ 9 of Atlantic BBC

12/8/1866      Base-ball Illustrated (cartoons)

8/3/1867         The College Regatta and Ball Match at Worcester, MA 7-19-1867

10/26/1867    Champion Nine - Union Club - Morrisania NY (1/2 page)

5/16/1868      George Sands - cover

9/12/1868      The National Game (cartoon)

10/3/1868      Cricket

7/3/1869         Picked Nine of Red Stocking Club of Cincinnati Ohio (1/2 page)

7/24/1869      Presentation Of Championship Bat to Red Stockings

7/2/1870         BB match between Red Stockings and Atlantics (1/2 page)

6/27/1874      International Baseball - The Boston Champions

7/25/1874      International Baseball - The Philladelphia Athletics

9/5/1874         Base-Ball in England Red Stocking vs Athletics

9/12/1874      Match of Red Stockings and Athletics

9/12/1874      Maple Leaf BBC

10/3/1874      The Great Game of Political Baseball - Tally 1 for Maine (cartoon)

7/27/1878      BB at Blackville - 1st blood for Black Legs (cartoon)

5/14/1881      Princeton College BB Nine

8/5/1882         The Metropolitan Nine (1/2 page)

9/30/1882      The Providence BBC

10/14/1882    The Chicago BBC

4/14/1883      Another field of American Industry invaded by the Chinese

5/12/1883      The New BB Grounds at Chicago

6/9/1883         Baseball of the Future

10/13/1883    BB Champions of 1883 / Boston BBC

1/26/1884      Base-Ball on Skates, Washington Park, Brooklyn

7/18/1884      A Base-Ball Episode (cartoon)

5/2/1885         A Sound Base-ist (cartoon - somewhat baseball related)

5/16/1885      Champion BB Players (early all-star team?)

6/6/1885         A Moment of Excitement (cartoon)

8/22/1885      The Winning Run, How is it Umpire? (Chi vs NY)

10/17/1885    Chicago BBC w/Anson & Kelly (1/2 page)

5/8/1886         A Double Play- First League Game (NY vs Bos)

5/15/1886      New Metropolitan BB Grounds on Staten Island (1/2 page)

9/25/1886      International Crickett Match at Nicetown, PA

4/2/1887         A New Lucrative Profession Discovered (cartoon)

5/21/1887      Well Grounded (cartoon)

5/28/1887      A Spring Auction in Rural PA - A Game Of Ball (cartoon)

6/4/1887         Off His Base (cartoon)

9/3/1887         The National Game (cartoon)

9/10/1887      Thrown Out At Second (very dramatic action) (dbl page)

10/29/1887    Impressions Of Our Base-Ball Artist (cartoon)

10/29/1887    A Bad Defeat (cartoon)

11/26/1887    A Base-Ball Game on the Haight Street Grounds - SF

6/23/1888      The Base-ball Championship Cup

7/28/1888      a Ball or a Strike, Which? (cover) (fantastic scene)

9/1/1888         BB Craze - Climax at Polo Grounds

9/15/1888      The Ruling Passion (cartoon)

10/13/1888    A Matter of Environment (cartoon)

10/20/1888    Winning Battery of NY Team (1/2 pg) Keefe & Ewing (both HOF)

10/27/1888    2 Popular St Louis Players (1/2 page) (Comiskey & Latham)

1/12/1889      Farmer Stebbins at the Bat (cover)

4/27/1889      The 1st League Game of Base-Ball of the Season (New York VS Boston)

6/8/1889         Injured (cartoon)

6/22/1889      The Newhalls, The Great American Cricketeers

6/22/1889      The National Game ( comic )

8/31/1889      A Collegiate Game of BB (dbl page)

10/12/1889    In a time to come (cartoon)

10/18/1889    Nota Bene, Boston (cartoon)

11/9/1889      William 'Buck' Ewing - Captain of NY Club (cover)

3/8/1890         A game of BB in the 13th Armory, Brooklyn

5/3/1890         Opening of 1890 BB Season (2 pages, both sides)

8/30/1890      A Strictly Amateur Nine (cartoon)

4/18/1891      The Social Ball Rolls Out as the National Game Comes In

6/13/1891      Princeton and Yale Team Pix

9/26/1891      Manhattan Athletic Club Grounds

10/10/1891    "No Muff this time" - Boston Championship 1891 (cartoon)


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