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General Guidelines

  • A team set consist of all the cards from a set that was put out from the manufacturers. Cards are from the set listed only. I have checklist sorted by team of all the sets that I offer. Team sets can range from one card to 35 cards. I can only included the cards that the manufacturers produce some of the sets are as small as 45 cards and some as large as 900. The team set will include all the cards for each team that were in the set. Insert cards are not included.
  • I generally break complete sets so I have no singles for sale.
  • I will not break team sets to sell single cards.
  • A number of sets have "w/o SP's" this means that the short print cards are not included.
  • When a set has a number range (ex., 1-90) this means that only the teams cards that are in that range are included. Not that in has 90 cards in the team set.
  • The team sets do not include multiple player cards. Cards with players from different team are not included due to problems with determining which team to included the cards. For example 2000 Topps prospects card #204 includes Erubiel Durazo of the Diamondbacks, Pat Burrell of the Phillies and Nick Johnson of the Yankees.
  • The team is determined by the logo on the card. I can not always determine the Jersey worn by the player so I will build the team sets the way the Manufacturor determines the team.
  • Trades will be considered but I will only trade for complete or near complete sets. I will send your cards after I receive the cards from you.